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Fried Bacon Wrapped Bites of Peanut Butter Deliciousness

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Fried Bacon Wrapped Bites of Peanut Butter Deliciousness

Video Highlights:

00:20 Rich's Intro

00:30 Early apres-ski story

1:20 Begins to assemble the sandwiches

2:05 Removes the crust and cuts into bite size

2:35 wraps them in bacon

3:02 drinking Bloody Mary and frying the bacon bites

3:45 dips in maple bourbon syrup and tastes it

4:07 syrup running down hand

4:25 describes the texture and flavor

4:50 Rich signs off

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Fried Bacon Wrapped Bites of Peanut Butter Deliciousness Transcript

What's up everybody this is Rich from All About Après coming to you with another episode of Après Eats. This is the show where we take food that we had an après over the winter, revamp it ,re imagine it and make it into our own.

Mount Snow's Cuzzins Was our Inspiration

Today we're making a version of something we had at Cuzzins at Mount Snow, Vermont. There was this one day that the mountain was a little bit glazed over from the warmer temperatures from the night before and my wife decided not to snowboard. So she was nice enough to start her après ski session a little bit earlier that day and she made it into Cuzzins at 11 a.m. and held the table for us all day and throughout the process of the day we'd come in, have some food, go back out,  come in, have some food, go back out. One of the items that we ordered was a peanut butter and bacon sandwich. It was absolutely delicious. It's as simple as it sounds. It's peanut butter and bacon. But what we're gonna do today is we're gonna take that peanut butter and bacon sandwich, kick it up a couple notches and make it more après-ski friendly so that you and your friends can share it while you're hanging out.

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First what we have here is some Hawaiian bread. I went with Hawaiian bread over the white bread just because I love the buttery taste to it. It's friggin awesome. You can't get better than that. We're gonna take this, I have some nice creamy peanut butter to spread on the bread itself. Then we're gonna take four bananas, so this is kind of gonna be like an Elvis Sandwich and take four bananas put them out nice and evenly spaced. Put the other slice down on top and I'm gonna start by taking some of the crust off. I don’t want to waste this (takes a bite of the crust). Then cut it into four bites so the bananas are in each one. Then we're gonna take our bacon and wrap these bad boys up. So instead of the bacon being in the sandwich, it’s actually gonna be on the outside. Just like that. A nice little gift. I'd love to get something like this for Christmas.

As you can see, I've taken the liberty of wrapping all of them so we got them here ready to roll. I've also taken the liberty of making myself a Bloody Mary because why not? If you're sitting at après ski at 11:00 a.m. like my wife, you gotta have a Bloody Mary. From here we're just gonna drop them into the frying pan [Applause].

As you can see we have deep-fried these beautiful little packages of bacon and now it's time to give them a try. In the process I also whipped up some maple bourbon syrup. Very simple, I just took some Woodford Reserve, mixed it with some pure Vermont maple syrup for a nice little added dipping action.

Let’s give it a shot, get it nice and coated. You gotta get it running down your finger like that.

Holy hell that's incredible! The texture…you get the soft banana inside, the crispy bacon on the outside, you can really taste the peanut butter. This is money! This is so friggin money.

Cuzzins, I love you but I think we got you beat. Your peanut butter and bacon sandwich is fantastic but in these little bites it's much more shareable, much more après ski friendly, especially when you're sitting at a table for about five hours holding it until Bruce comes on. So you can make sure that I'll still be there Cuzzins, dancing on the table listening to Bruce but in the meantime I'm gonna finish this and wash it down with a Bloody Mary. It's all downhill from here. Cheers!


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