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Food isn’t the only reason we push ourselves to the limit when we adventure but it sure is one of them! Please subscribe to our food and recipe blog so that we can share our favorite eateries and recipes with you. Have a recipe you want to share with us or a food spot we need to try? Please contact us!

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The Cuban Sandwich is a glorified pressed ham and cheese. It also happens to be a delicious apres-ski food. Quick and comforting, it's perfect to grab, go and get back on the ski lift quickly. My Cuban Sandwich recipe includes smoked pork belly instead of roast pork along with all the other traditional Cubano elements.

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Inspiration can come from anywhere. This après ski recipe combines my passion for fitness and love of après everything. Inspired by the Buttery Bros post workout wake n' cake, my rif on an Austrian Pancake is the perfect treat. A few inches thick and the size of a pizza, it is perfect to share with friends apres ski.

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For us, pizza is an apres ski food staple. No matter where we are skiing but you can guarantee that there is a slice in our future. Obviously, pizza is more than just a signature apres ski food at many ski resorts. It is one of the primary dishes in many Americans families. Now you can make your own using our recipe.

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