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My Story

I had been a successful high school basketball coach for the past six seasons but there I was, mired in a six game losing streak for the first time in my career. This season was not going as planned, by any stretch of the imagination. My team was talented but riddled with injuries, my oldest daughter had been in and out of the hospital twice and my wife once. There I stood in the middle of the gym wondering to myself, "What am I doing here?" So I decided to do what any good coach would do, give my team and I a much needed break. With a long president's day weekend looming on the horizon, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get away from it all. So, that weekend I headed up to Stratton Mountain, Vermont for so good times with good people.

It was that long president's weekend that I began to rekindle my love affair with skiing. I grew up skiing and went all the time through my teens and early twenties. However, the demands of coaching a successful high school basketball team took me away from it and I had forgotten how much I both loved and missed skiing. Needless to say, it was great to be back on the mountain and having a great time (and much needed break) with my friends and family.

It's really hard to explain but anyone who skis or rides knows what I am talking about. There is just noting like the feeling you get spending time outdoors with a group of amazing people and then recounting all of it over some beers and nachos (of course) at après ski. It is unrivaled experience and one that I missed far too much to ever take time off from skiing again. It was that very weekend that sealed the deal for me and I realized that life was too short to miss out on doing what I love anymore. This would be my last season coaching basketball. 

Since then, I haven't missed a season and usually start planning for winter in mid-August. But it's not all about skiing for me. It's about the overall experience. Therefore as a lover of good food and good times and a little bit of beer geek in me, I am constantly in search of the best places to play off the mountain for après ski. 

All About Après was founded over my love of skiing, being outdoors and spending time with friends and family. eating, drinking and enjoying a good time. We are truly All About Après and our blog features some of the best après ski bars, restaurants, drinks, food and bands. I also created a line of après ski clothing that is stylish, comfortable, amusing, and fully devoted to the après ski.

So go ahead and enjoy the site and remember, when the lifts close and Apres Ski begins, It's all Downhill From Here.