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A BBQ Hotdog Sized Tribute to Anthony Bourdain

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A BBQ Hotdog Sized Tribute to Anthony Bourdain

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A BBQ Hot Dog Sized Tribute to Anthony Bourdain Transcript

What's up everybody this is Rich coming to you with another episode of Apres Eats. This is the show where we take food that we had apres over the winter, reimagine it, revamp it and make it our own. However, this week it's Tuesday, June 25th and it's a very special day. It's actually Anthony Bourdain Day. It was declared Anthony Bourdain Day by Eric Ripert and Jose Andres in honor of the famed chef, writer, bad-boy extraordinaire, Anthony Bourdain. For those of you don't know, he was a major influence on what I've been trying to do with All About Apres.  From his travels all over the world, to his blunt honesty, to his, you know, bad-boy attitude it's something that I've always aspired to be with my company and no matter where Anthony went the far off places in Southeast Asia, two places in Africa, to awesome places like

Italy in Europe and Germany, South America but there were two quotes that he had that really resonated with me. One was on an episode actually filmed right here in New Jersey where he said, “There's something noble about a damn good hot dog.” And the other quote that I absolutely loved was, “Barbecue may not be the road to world peace but it's a start.” So today on Anthony Bourdain Day we're gonna actually honor him by taking those two quotes and putting them together for a very special Apres Eats. We're gonna make barbecue and a hot dog and turn it into one.

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First we have to make our barbecue. I have some country-style ribs that I'm actually gonna put on the smoker and make into pulled pork. I've pre salted them. Now I'm gonna slather them with a little bit of yellow mustard get all up in there. So we want the mustard to help break down the pork a little bit, also gonna give it a nice little flavor to it. Then we're gonna hit it with my own pork seasoning that I make. It's a mixture of brown sugar, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder and a few other secret ingredients that I'm not going to tell you about because they're my secret ingredients. We're gonna do the same thing to the other side and then we're gonna put this on the smoker for about two and a half hours at 250.

The pork has been sitting on the grill now for about two hours. Again, it was at 250 degrees and as you can see started to develop a nice crust to it. Now we're gonna pull it off and wrap it in tinfoil then put it back on the grill for about two hours again at about the same temperature, 250-300 degrees. That's going to help tenderize the pork, make it nice and stringy and you'll be able to pull it real good and then we'll finish it up and we're gonna assemble that damn good hotdog and our barbecue, Anthony Bourdain style.

We’re getting close, just finished up tenderizing the pork, took it out of the tin foil and put it on a hot nice hot grill so we can get some char marks on it. I also added the hot dogs. Thuman's, they're one of my favorite brands and remember we're trying to make a damn good hot dog here in memory Anthony Bourdain. 

I pulled the hot dogs off the grill as you can see they're nice and charred up. They started to split. That's exactly what you want out of a hot dog. I pulled the pork, added a little bit of our own stout barbecue sauce that we whipped up and now it's time to assemble. I'm going

to put a little bit of mustard on this first add some pulled pork on top. My God this is gonna be friggin ridiculous. I'm gonna go with a couple of nice butter pickles on each one. For mine, I'm actually gonna add some jalapenos because I know how much Anthony Bourdain likes his spice and now it's time to eat. 

Again, two famous quotes, “There's something Noble about a damn good hot dog,” and barbeque may not be the road to world peace but it's a start. We took those quotes and made it into our own here on Anthony Bourdain Day. We're gonna give this a shot hopefully we did him justice wherever he is may he rest in peace. Let’s see if this is a damn good hot dog. Mmmmmm. It’s Friggin hot!

I hope I have some all over my face. Either way this is a damn good hot dog and it's damn good BBQ and hopefully it's a step in the right direction towards world peace. But, you know what,

Anthony Bourdain wherever you are thanks for the inspiration. Thanks for making me do what I want to do and what I love. This one's for you pal. Cheers!


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