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A Foodie's Guide to Ski Resort Dining at Deer Valley

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A Foodie's Guide to Ski Resort Dining at Deer Valley

Photo Credit: Alterra Mountain Co. 

*Updated on June 23, 2021

Being the foodie that I am, I have loved watching the culinary evolution at and around ski resorts over the last half decade. I remember the days where food at the mountain was relegated to a burger or chicken fingers in the lodge cafeteria. Maybe there was a restaurant or two at the mountain itself but it was slim pickings to say the least. Shoot, I think most of the time I had a rolled up sandwich in my pocket that I ended up eating. 

Good times!

A Shift in Expectations for Ski Resorts Leads to More Dining Options

This has all changed over the last decade as ski resorts in the U.S. have shifted toward attracting more patrons on a year round basis. To do so, there was a dire need to provide them with an experience that does not end when the ski lifts stop spinning. Trending toward a more holistic approach has produced so many upgrades including better lodging, spas and, of course, an increase in top flight ski resort dining experiences. 

Deer Valley is Skiing Past the Culinary Competition

Deer Valley Resort The Brass Tag

There are many resorts across the country that are currently elevating their cuisine to new heights but one that I have always maintained is doing it best when it comes to ski resort dining is Deer Valley. They are skiing past the culinary competition, so to speak. Nestled a mere minutes from Park City (a foodie destination in its own right), and with roughly 20 on site dining options, Deer Valley is standing out in a culinary scene that is already out of bounds. 

With that many choices, plus three major hotels with restaurants of their own, the Deer Valley après ski and food scene can be a bit daunting to navigate. Lucky for you, we're here to help you out. With Deer Valley officially opening for the ski season this weekend, here is our, Foodie's Guide to Ski Resort Dining the Deer Valley Way.

Breakfast at Deer Valley Grocery Café

Dutch Baby Pancake Deer Valley Grocery Cafe

Photo Credit: Alterra Mountain Co. 

The Deer Valley Grocery Café is a breakfast necessity. Whether you are stopping to grab a quick coffee and a pastry or actually settling in for a longer breakfast, you simply will not be disappointed. However, if it is the latter of the two, you must, must, must order the Dutch Baby.

A decadent pancake skillet, its exterior browns a bit as it puffs up in the oven like the bubbles on the crust of a wood fired pizza. Then, while still hot it is drizzled with orange vanilla bean butter and topped with an assortment of berries. The butter and berries melt into this melange of ooey and gooey-ness that ultimately results in a contrast of textures and an explosion of flavors that is straight up magical. 

Lunch at Deer Valley's Royal Street Café

Deer Valley Royal Street Cafe Blueberry Mojito

Located mid-mountain in the Silver Lake Lodge you simply cannot beat the ease of this ski in ski out location. The ski out part can become a touch questionable though, especially on warmer days when you are hanging on the deck sipping their famed Blueberry Mojitos while taking in the mountain's splendor.


Dungeness Crab Tower Royal Street Cafe Deer Valley

Photo Credit: Alterra Mountain Co.

Whether staying or going, the Dungeness Crab Tower is an absolute must. Mounds of fresh Dungeness Crab are piled high and layered with avocado and tomato. Use the surrounding crispy fried wontons to break apart the mountainous portion, dip it in the wasabi, soy and chili sauce and then transport that luscious crab to you mouth. The result, a flavor explosion that your taste buds will not forget. 

Après-Ski at The Stein Eriksen Lodge Champions Club

Stein Eriksen Lodge Swedish Pizza

Photo Credit: Stein Eriksen Lodge

Deer Valley après ski has so many great choices and wherever you end up it's going to be good. Seriously, it has some of the best après ski options in all of Utah.

However, if you are looking to diversify a bit and try something new then head over to the Champions Club located inside the Stein Eriksen Lodge. This is our go to for a fantastic family friendly Deer Valley après ski scene. The 3,500 square foot game room complete with a host of arcade and video games will have your children occupied for hours as you enjoy cocktails by the fire pits overlooking the majestic mountains. Although, you cannot go wrong with the Stein Burger which is so good it melts in your mouth, The Swedish Pizza is a fun twist on a classic and a bit more shareable.

Maybe it's because I've have never dreamed of putting Swedish meatballs on a pizza, but I totally get why this is the chef's favorite. There is something special about the savory combination of the meatballs, white sauce and fontina cheese that plays so well with the tart lingonberry jam. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Pair that with a crisp Czech Pilsner from local Bohemian Brewery and you'll find yourself never wanting to leave. 

No kids, no problem hit up the EBS Lounge for a Champion Margarita. This staff favorite is a delicious way to end your day on the slopes. 

Dinner at Deer Valley's Fireside Dining

Deer Valley Fireside Dining Raclette

Photo Credit: Alterra Mountain Co.

Post après ski at Deer Valley, bundle up under a blanket for a brief tour around the mountain via horse drawn sleigh. Letting you off right by the doors of the unique Fireside Dining experience you'll be taken by this European inspired lodge. As you enter, you eyes will be drawn instantly to the hunks of raclette melting onto plates in front of one of the five fireplaces cooking your food. That cheese alone is worth the price of admission. Be careful not to over indulge here though (as difficult as that will be) and try all the dishes.

If you are really looking to cap your day off with something incredible, then it's the roasted leg of lamb. Fire roasted slowly to tender medium rare perfection, and marinated in fresh herbs and garlic, it is arguably some of the best lamb that I have eaten. Each bite will tantalize your taste buds with an array of flavorful goodness making this the perfect ending to the foodie's paradise that is dining at Deer Valley Ski Resort. 

Dining at Deer Valley Requires the Right Après-Ski Beanie

Deer Valley resort may epitomize class, but that does not mean you won't find many skiers wearing their ski beanies around the resort. That's why we recommend you pack your 


All Day Ski Beanie. Whether it's breakfast, lunch,

après-ski at Deer Valley or even dinner a comfortable ski beanie like this is a must.

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