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How Steamboat will Redefine On-mountain Dining This Winter in a Beastly Way

How Steamboat will Redefine On-mountain Dining This Winter in a Beastly Way

Photo courtesy of Steamboat Resort's Facebook Page.

Food trucks are the next big thing. I'm not talking about the little hot dog stand that you see by the train station, I'm talking about the new wave of state-of-the-art food trucks that are popping up everywhere. With new and improved technology allowing truck owners to ultimately create gourmet kitchens inside an actual box truck the food offerings are so next level. I recently saw one of the Food Network that actually had a full size smoker on the truck and was serving up some sick ass BBQ. That's INSANE, and it's only the tip of the iceberg. There is one that makes the rounds by me that specializes in pork roll, serving up a variety of dishes with this delightful tubed meat as the star. No matter the menu, food trucks are ridiculously popular and from farm markets to festivals you are sure to find them. 

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Steamboat Resort Taco Beast

Photo Credit: Steamboat Resort's Website

Tacos Are Not Just for Tuesday Anymore

Coming this winter, you can now add the ski slopes at Steamboat Resort to your list of food truck locations. I use the term truck loosely here because in the case of their new Taco Beast, it is actually a food snow cat. That is correct, they have converted a snow cat into a roaming kitchen that will serve a variety of tacos to skiers and riders right on the trails. Talk about doesn't get much more on-mountain than slope side. The menu will include a variety of street tacos including, Carne Asada and, my favorite Al Pastor, pork that is season and slow roasted vertically like shawarma and usually accompanied by pineapples. There's also Mexican street corn, a variety of Mexican sodas and even some cervezas.

Taco Beast Steamboat Resort

Photo Credit: Steamboat Resort's Website

Damn, I'm hungry just thinking about it. Tacos aren't just for Tuesday anymore. During the winter, visit to find the cat’s on-mountain location and have them on any day ending in Y. 


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