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Elevate Your Après Eats With Rich's Next Level Nachos

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Elevate Your Après Eats With Rich's Next Level Nachos

All About Après Rogue Report Episode 3

Après Eats: Braised Short Rib Nachos

Video Highlights:

00:23 Rich introduces the newest episode

1:14 Dressing the short ribs with the slather and putting them on the smoker

2:04 Checking out the crust on the short ribs

2:29 Pulling the short ribs off the smoker and starting the braising process

3:28 Rich gives the Dark Lager a taste

4:38 Building the layers of nachos

6:20 The nachos go back on the smoker to melt the cheese

6:34 Dressing up the nachos with all the extras

7:58 Rich introduces the fold technique of eating nachos

8:10 Tasting the nachos, washing it down with a beer and signing off


Download as a pdf: Rich's Next Level Nachos

apres ski food braised short rib nachos

All About Après Rogue Report Episode 3 Transcript

What's up everybody this is Rich Stoner with the All About Après Rogue Report. Remember we're using any handheld device that we can find to bring you the best places to play on and off the mountain, plus all the food, beer and gear to make it epic. So the All About Après Rogue Report we are taking inspiration from all the après ski food that we ate this winter. It’s surprising we didn't put on about 20 maybe 30 pounds. But we're gonna draw some inspiration from that and we're gonna make our own elevated recipes of some of the après ski food that we ate this winter.

So today we're gonna cook up some braised short rib nachos. I got this I got this idea from this, actually, braised short rib poutine that I got at a Barley Creek when we were skiing out of Camelback. Barley Creek is a pretty cool brewery out there. I definitely recommend stopping at it. So we're gonna take those braised short ribs and instead of doing poutine. Today we're gonna do it on nachos.

Alright so we got some nice short ribs here that I picked up yesterday. I hit them with a little salt and pepper and a little mustard slather that I put together with some molasses and worcheshire  sauce. We're just gonna basically hit all sides so it kind of forms a nice little crust on them as they go on the smoker. The smoker has been warming up at smoke setting of 125. We're gonna hit this for about two hours on the 250 setting, so that they cook real nice and slow.

The  short ribs are on the smoker. They're gonna sit here for about probably two...two-and-a-half hours at 250. So they're gonna cook nice low and slow, probably get a nice little crust on them thanks to the mustard slather that we put on, and then from there we're gonna we're gonna hit them with the braise. Alright but first you want to get that nice,  you want to develop that nice crust. Establish a nice bit of texture.

 braised short rib nachos

So we are...remember we're making our braised short rib nachos we're trying to take your average nachos that you would eat at après ski and elevate it  to another level. So what we've done is we put the short ribs on the smoker for about two hours now, low and slow. You can see because of the mustard slather that we put on, they've got a nice little crust on them. So now we're gonna start the braising process.

Let me get a little taste first. Oh my God!

All About Apres, braised short rib nachos

We're going to pull them off and then we've got this Schwarzbier from Bohemian Brewery. It works good because it's a Bock. It's like a black lager. It's got really nice malt flavors... chocolatey, caramely. Of course I've got one for myself. That's the best part of drinking with beer. The other one, I’m gonna take...Duh, not drinking with beer, cooking with them. You get to drink one for yourself. We're gonna take the other one and pour it in with the short ribs.  We're gonna actually put another one or two in there as well so that they're fully covered and we're gonna cover them up with the tinfoil throw them back on the smoker for about two hours. It's gonna help tenderize them get them nice and soft and shredable and we're gonna throw them on the nachos at the end.

The short ribs are off the grill. They've been braising for like two hours in that awesome Bohemian Brewery dark lager. We've shredded them up real nice. It tastes pretty damn good, not gonna lie. You can also see that we've layered the first layer of nachos with some cheese already. Listen nobody likes nachos where you get to the bottom and there's no cheese on it. It's gotta have cheese on the bottom. You got to do layers. We're also gonna take some of the some of the braised short ribs and put that down there so we can build some of this flavor, alright, again nobody likes when you get to that second level and there's nothing.

I then take the rest of our chips throw them on top, cover up those that short ribs layer. I’m going to just dump it on. With that we're gonna hit this with some cheese, lots of it, because everybody loves nice cheesy nachos. They all kind of stick together and like six nachos become one. Dump this onto it too. And, the last thing we're gonna do is just top this back off with some of the short ribs and make it all nice and even and spread out. Then from here we're gonna take this and put it back on the smoker so we can melt the cheese and then it's time to dig in baby!

All About Apres Braised Short Rib Nachos

Alright, so I pulled these off the smoker and as you can see the cheese is all melted up. The short ribs have gotten a little bit crispy and caramelized again. Now I'm just gonna garnish it with some of the fixings here. So I diced up some tomatoes. I'm gonna kind of hit this a little bit of tomatoes. I don't wanna put too many because I know my daughter doesn't like like tomatoes. Now I'm gonna hit it with some of the some of the scallions that I diced. It's a nice color.  Whoa! A run away scallion. Definitely gonna put some nice avocado on it as well. We need more fat, of course, cuz the cheese, the cheddar cheese is not enough fat. And last but not least little cilantro.

All About Apres, braised short rib nachos

So they're all dressed got the short ribs, the nachos, the cheese, the tomatoes, the avocados, the cilantro, the scallions.  We're gonna get it all on one bite here. Let's see we can do get all good on one because that's the way to do it and even do a little fold. I love it! Get in there. Five hour worth it after that one bite.

I'm gonna eat the rest of these. Cheers to another All About Après Report.

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