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Ahi Tuna Nachos at The Fire Tower, Stratton Mountain

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Ahi Tuna Nachos at The Fire Tower, Stratton Mountain

The Ahi Tuna Nachos at The Firetower Restaurant and Tavern in Stratton are arguably some of the best tasting most unique plate of nachos that you will ever order at apres ski. Featured in the Ski Town Apres Ski cookbook by Jennie Iverson these famous nachos are a far from ordinary, replacing tortilla chips, chicken and cheese with fried wontons, ahi tuna and wasabi cucumber sauce. However, they are one of my favorite apres ski appetizers and one of the many reasons I inevitably end up at the The Firetower while skiing at Stratton.

Ahi Tuna Nachos at The Fire Tower, Stratton Mountain Video Highlights:

0:15 Rich introduces Jason
0:28 Plating the fried wontons
0:49 Marinating the ahi tuna
1:03 Rich tells funny story
1:20 adding the sauce
1:45 garnishing the nachos
2:15 Rich tastes them

Download as PDF: Ahi Tuna Nachos at The Fire Tower Restaurant and Tavern

Ahi Tuna Nachos at The Fire Tower, Stratton Mountain Video Transcript:

Rich: Hey we're here with Jason back here in the kitchen at The Fire Tower and he's gonna make us the ahi tuna nachos that are just off the charts from what I’ve heard. So I’ll leave it up to him and he’s going to tell us how to make them.

Jason: Ok, well we first start out with fried wontons. I’ll get them out.  

Rich: I feel like I’ll go Guy Fieri here.

Jason: Yeah, just jump right on in

Rich: Incredible

Jason: Once we get the wontons on the plate, we get our ahi tuna and a little bit of hoisin lime sauce. Give that a good stir.

Rich: Funny story about this is uh the first time we ever had these, a friend of mine was like, read about them on the menu and he asked Giovanna out at the bar, “instead of tuna, can you put some chicken and cheese on it?”

Jason: Laughs

Rich: She goes, “yeah, we don’t really do that here.”

Jason: yeah, well you know we like to try to stick to our original plan.

Rich: Yeah we pretty much devoured them in about two minutes. It was pretty impressive.

Jason: So right there  I added a little bit more of the hoisin lime sauce and we add a little bit of the cucumber wasabi.

Rich:  Wasabi, is that to take it down a little bit

Jason: Take it down a little bit but also add a little heat to it with the wasabi.

Rich: Nice.

Jason:  So after we apply pretty liberally some scallions. Some pickled red onions, which have been pickled in red wine vinegar, sugar and lime juice.

Rich: In house?

Jason: In house. Some shredded daikon radish and to finish it off, we add some wasabi microgreens.

Rich: Really?

Jason: That is your…

Rich: It’s that simple.

Jason: Ahi Tuna Nachos They’re that simple. We make about 50 to 60 a  night.

Rich: 50 to 60 of these a night? (tasting the nachos)

Jason: Yup, on a busy Friday or Saturday.

Rich: Amazing. I like you said, a little bit of heat but not too much.

Jason: You don’t want to scare people off.

Rich: Incredible. I’m going to take these out front and eat them.

Jason:I think I should.

Rich: Thank you.

Jason: Pleasure.

Ahi Tuna Nachos at The Fire Tower Restaurant and Tavern 


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