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Gore, Gore, Overlooked No More

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Gore, Gore, Overlooked No More

Lead Photo Credit: Gore Mountain

Growing up, I always used to hear my uncle talk about Gore Mountain. I remember him going there quite often. What is interesting is that he is the one that introduced me to skiing and the person that I skied most often with when I was young, but I never once made it to Gore Mountain. Why? I'm not really sure. If I had to wager a guess, it probably had to do with the limited trips I took per season and my desire to always ski in Vermont

There was no way I was skiing in New York if I was only taking one trip a year. "But this is the Adirondacks, he would say. This is different." 

Nope! Not doing it. It was Vermont or bust for me back then.

Warren Miller Said it Best

Gore Mountain

Photo Credit: Gore Mountain

Time has changed my ignorant, pompous attitude. Nowadays I subscribe more to the Warren Miller mantra of, "The best place in the world to ski is where you're skiing that day." I really just want to ski these days. The current pandemic has also help break me from these bonds. It has forced me away from my home mountain of Mount Snow into full fledged exploration mode. Especially since, being from NJ, the only mountains I can visit without any quarantine repercussions are in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York

Yup...New York. There you have it, my time has finally come to visit the place I refused to for so long, Gore Mountain. To say I was pleased with my decision to visit would be a huge understatement. Gore mountain's low-key vibe and fun terrain spread across 428 skiable acres makes it more than worth the trip to the Adirondacks. 

Just a straight shot up the NY Thruway to the Northway, the trip itself is actually quite easy. Coming from central New Jersey, it took me four and a half hours door to door. I'll take an easy ride like that any day of the week, especially if the end result is as good as Gore. 

Skiing Without All the Glitz and Glam

There is something to be said for Vail Resorts and Alterra Mountain Company.  What they have done within the industry is quite impressive and the Epic Pass and Ikon pass are game changers. However, if you are looking for the glitz and glam of Beaver Creek or even Stratton, you won't find it at Gore Mountain. You have to ready your mind that this type of scene does not exist at here. Gore is more blue collar, more old school than bougie shi shi.

That's not to say that the place itself is old or run down. Being part of a state run trio know as Ski 3, that also includes Whiteface and Belleayre, the lodges and base area are quite nice. There is just no "f'Austrian" village leading you up to the mountain like in other places. Gore takes you back to the days when all you needed were trails, a lift and a bar. There is something special in the simplicity of this, especially in a time when, more often than not, simple is very rarely the case. 

Walking from your car to the base area, you realize that you're not in Kansas, err Vail anymore. Instead you are at Gore, a resort that epitomizes the feel of the Adirondacks. This region of New York state has an allure to it. Big sweeping pines, the wilderness, a rugged love of the outdoors; they all define the Adirondacks. Gore delivers this to the tee. Despite being very well maintained, their lodges have a rugged look and feel to them. So to do the friendly people that work their. Hell, one of their main lifts from the base is called The Adirondack Express. It doesn't get more Adirondack than that. 

The Skiing At Gore Mountain is Damn Good

Gore Mountain Summit View

Photo Credit: Gore Mountain

This may be a bold claim, but the skiing at Gore is the class of NY state and is as good as any ski resort in southern Vermont. Whiteface obviously hosted the Olympics and gets a lot of accolades as a result but I'll take Gore. And sorry, southern Vermont resorts, I still love you, but when it comes to terrain, Gore may just have you on this. 


It's simple. The trails at Gore have character. They are not your prototypical white super highways that you see at many of the other resorts. At Gore the trails are cut with the contour of the mountain. This often forgotten technique gives them an added depth that most other ski resorts lack. With multiple fall lines and side slopes, even the blues like Foxlair can be an unexpected and fun challenge. 

With 14 lifts and 110 trails NY's biggest mountain also has a little something for everyone. With seven different areas consisting of 42 miles of skiing it's hard not to find skiable terrain for all ages and abilities. Size like this matters. My wife and daughters loved lapping the North Quad and the Adirondack Express. The blues were challenging, fun and right in their wheelhouse.  

For my friends and I, we dig those areas too because it allowed me to ski with my girls but also dip into the Twister Glades and not lose them along the way. When the time came to break apart and really challenge ourselves, my buddies and I hit the areas under the High Peaks Quad and Straight Brook Quad.

The Rumor Gore Mountain

The Rumor

Photo Credit: Gore Mountain

Double Diamond trails like The Rumor and Lies, thanks to their steepness are some of the East's most difficult runs. This is especially true of The Rumor whose headwall offers a roughly 50 degree pitch that you must execute first prior to averaging out at about 45 degrees for the next 1,500 feet. It's pretty gnarly.

Then when you are finished burning your quads on those you can dip into the Macintyre Glades off the High Peaks Quad or the Chatiemac Glades off the Straight Brook Quad and test your mettle amidst the trees. Not too steep and not too tight and filled with some natural hits these tree runs as well as the Twister Glades and the Chatterbrook Glades on the lower half of the mountain are a blast. 

Old School Après-Ski at Gore Mountain

Beck's Tavern Gore Mountain apres ski

Photo Credit: Beck's Tavern Instagram @parobeck

You know out motto here at All About Après. If you don't après-ski were you every really skiing at all. That said, there isn't an après-ski scene at Gore like you'd find on the Killington access road. But, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The Tannery Restaurant inside the base lodge is an excellent spot to grab a local beer on tap and some tasty food. I especially like their variety of wings like the Habanero Mango and Garlic Parmesan. 

Mango Habanero WingsGarlic Parmesan Wings

Heading off the mountain, Beck's Tavern is an absolute must. This German themed restaurant and bar has a beautifully constructed main building as well as three interconnected yurts equipped with a full bar and games. We're definitely pro yurt here and Beck's, along with its fun bar tender who goes by "Big Mike" is one of my new all time favorite après-ski bars in the East. 

Finally, the local town of North Creek is quite charming. In a non-Covid year, I'm sure there is a bit more going on there than when I was there. The Barking Spider, a local dive bar, is worth stopping into for a cheap round of beers and some good people watching. Seriously, the record skipped when my crew and I rolled in but the $2 Genny Light cans were worth it. I've also heard great things about Bar Vino and Basil and Wick's but was not able to stop by this time around.

Gore Mountain is One of the East's Best Kept Secrets

Skiing Hawkeye at Gore Mountain

Photo Credit: Gore Mountain

Gore Mountain is one of the East's better kept secrets. Located in the heart of the Adirondacks and an easy ride from the NY metropolitan area, it's so worth the visit. Gore is a throwback to the days of yore when all you needed were trails, a lift and a bar. So if you like to ski and ride without all the bougieness that comes with the modern resorts it's so worth your time. While Gore may not be know for a huge après-ski scene, hanging with "Big Mike" at Beck's Tavern is the place to be. Just be sure to rock our If You Don't Après Ski t-shirt when you do and tell him I sent you. 

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