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Our Story: Skiing, Snowboarding, Surfing and Much More

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It was over a long president's weekend some years ago that my wife and I began to rekindle our love affair with skiing and snowboarding. I grew up skiing and after I met Marcie, a snowboarder, we spent many weekends throughout our early years together skiing and riding. However, the demands of coaching a successful high school basketball team, teaching and starting a family kept us away from the mountains for quite some time. Then, one particularly brutal basketball season, needing a break from it all, we headed up to Stratton Resort in Vermont and just like that, our love affair was reborn. Since that weekend we haven’t missed a winter season. With family and friends in tow, we love getting out there, giving it our all and then savoring the day with the people we care about most over great food, drink and music.

No Skill Levels At Après Ski, Just Good Cheer

It's hard to explain, but anyone who skis or rides understands that there is nothing like the feeling you get spending time outdoors with a group of amazing people and then recounting it all at après ski. Everyone is equal at when the lifts stop spinning. There are no skill levels, just lots of tired muscles and plenty of good cheer.  Who wouldn’t be happy hanging together and sharing the day's stories over a hot chocolate or a beer and of course, an awesome plate of nachos? This type of atmosphere is unrivaled and encompasses what life is all about, the shared experience. So why not recreate this as often as possible?

Connecting With People, Not Devices

In today's world so many of us are connected to our devices, often at the expense of human interaction. At All About Après, we search for the best places to play on and off the mountain in an effort to break the bonds of technology and bring people together post ski, surf, bike and more. Our blog and social media features some of the best food, beer, gear and more from across the country. Our line of après ski clothing is stylish, comfortable and sometimes cheeky. And both are fully devoted to reminding you of the smiles and the memories forged over sharing your experiences with good people après whatever activity your choose.

So go ahead and enjoy the site and remember, when the lifts stop spinning and après ski begins, It's all Downhill From Here.


Rich and Marcie
We want to work with you. Find out how we can collaborate and bring awareness to your brand. View our All About Après Media Kit.