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Summer Fun To Be Had at Bromley's Mountain Adventure Park

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Summer Fun To Be Had at Bromley's Mountain Adventure Park

Having been a  Vermont regular during the winters for the better part of the past three decades, I have grown to love all it has to offer. From a skiing perspective, each resort hast its own nuances that make them unique while socially the après ski offers top notch local craft beers from the state with the highest amount of breweries per capita in the country as well as delicious food that is locally sourced and goes right from farm to table. With all of this in mind, it never occurred to me to visit Vermont during the summer. Summer has always been for sitting at a bar in a tropical paradise gazing out over aquamarine waters while sipping some sort of delicious rum based elixir. This summer, however, we ditched the usual Caribbean paradise and my wife, three daughters and I made our way to Vermont, finding a variety of fun activities that included an amazing day at Bromley's Mountain Adventure Park.

Activities for All Ages

Not knowing what to expect, I soon found out that Bromley's Mountain Adventure Park is a plethora of fun for all ages. Visiting Bromley with, not only my own family but also my wife's extended family, the ages for the children ranged from 16 all the way down to three. You might figure that this wide range in age would be hard to accommodate, however Bromley more than over delivered, providing excitement for all of the children as well as fun for the adults.  For my youngest girls (ages three and four) smiles were abound as they jumped up and down in the variety of bounce houses and bungee trampoline. For my oldest daughter and her older cousins, they certainly got their fill of the world famous alpine slide as well as the giant swing and climbing wall. My brother-in-law and I even jumped in on the action taking our shot at the Aerial Adventure Park ropes course. Clipping, climbing, and zip-lining through the trees left me not only tired, but hot, so I joined my girls and the rest of the family for some cool, refreshing fun on the Big Splash Waterslide and, for the little ones, Drop Zone Waterslide. The inclusion of these water elements was a huge and welcoming hit on the somewhat rare and excessively hot Vermont day.  For me though, the highlight of the day was, far and away, the Sun Mountain Flyer. This is billed as New England's longest zip rider, is five stories high, a half a mile long and reaches speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. As my wife and I cascaded down this thrill ride, smiles were abound for this exciting and culminating ride.

Apres Adventure Park

Anyone who skis or rides knows that a day at the mountain during the winter is nothing without a little apres ski. Why should that be any different during the summer? Apres ski is a time for family and friends to gather and share their epic stories of the day and the Apres adventure at Bromley did not disappoint. On the deck, there were ice cold beers and frozen cocktails available for purchase for the adults. This was only enhanced by the Tasty Tuesday ice cream treats that, to the delight of the kids, came with our admittance into the park. As we all sat back enjoying our apres treats, recounting the excitement, I could not help but think what an amazing day we had at Bromley's Mountain Adventure Park.



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