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What's Next? It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Après Ski Season

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What's Next? It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Après Ski Season

I just received an email from Ski Utah with a heading that read, "66" in the Last 7 Days - Spring Who?" It is really incredible what Mother Nature has decided to bestow upon my Western ski brethren this season. Sadly, though, my ski season has come to an end and as you read in my last post, it was a good one. With the skis and board already in the shop getting the nicks and cuts filled and their summer wax put on, it is time to take a look at what's next for All About Après, and it's beginning to feel a lot like après ski season. That is to say, it is the time of year following ski season and all the social activities involved to help us pass the time until the snow flakes start falling again. This includes back yard BBQ's, trips to the beach, hiking, biking, festivals, trips to breweries and more. 

Vail Brewing Company

Yes, in many ways après ski season can be as fun as ski season itself. It has to be. There's no use in only having fun during the winter. So stay tuned to our site throughout the spring, summer and fall. We have quite a list of events to cover and fresh gear to be released. I am also debuting a few new ideas for the off season that I know that I am stoked about and you will be too. Each month, my plan is to feature one mountain town brewery from across the country. So many of these breweries are deeply entrenched in mountain culture which allows them to forge amazing connections with the towns and people around them. I'm going to give you a glimpse into how they developed, what their vibe is like and, most importantly, the taste of their beers.

Keeping in line with our craft beer theme, I also plan to do one video beer review per week. The videos will be short (about a minute) and to the point, letting you know what I am drinking that week and why I'm drinking it. I know my head starts spinning the second I walk into the liquor store thanks to the inordinate variety of craft beers to choose from. These quick and crafty reviews will take the guess work out of choosing. This way you can spend less time staring at the wall of beers and more time drinking them. 

Finally, the people have spoken. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have been regularly doing stories where I show you how to cook a specific dish that I ate during après ski (side note: if you don't follow me on Instagram, get on it. Follow me today @allaboutapres). Throughout my time of doing these stories, I have had a few requests for some of my recipes. Happy to oblige and provide the public with yummy food to eat, I will launch a regular YouTube show this spring called Après Eats. I did a pilot of this about a year ago to some rave reviews and ultimately decided that is time to make it a regular thing.  In the show, I'm going to take a dish that I have had at après ski and remake it with my own creative culinary vision. Après Eats, which will air regularly as a part of our Foodie Fridays, will also include the ingredients and the recipe so that you too can make it yourself. 

As you can see, I have a pretty full off season coming up to help pass the time between now and November. Be sure to stay tuned to our site throughout and remember, it's all downhill from here. 




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