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Unwinding at Eight Settlers Distillery, Utah's Après-Ski Oasis

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Unwinding at Eight Settlers Distillery, Utah's Après-Ski Oasis

* Credit all photos to Eight Settlers Distillery

The sun dips behind jagged peaks, casting long shadows on the pristine powder of the Cottonwood Canyon ski resorts. Your legs burn with the sweet ache of a day conquering the legendary Utah mountains. Your stomach, however, rumbles a different tune, demanding more than just adrenaline. This, my friends, is the moment for Eight Settlers Distillery, a haven where ski bums and epicureans collide in a celebration of craft spirits and Utah mountain magic.

Spirits with Soul: A Toast to the Liquid Legacy of Eight Settlers Distillery

Eight Settlers Distillery

Nestled in the foothills of Utah's Cottonwood Canyons, Eight Settlers is not one of your average Utah distilleries. It is a tribute to the pioneering spirit of the eight families who carved out the community of Cottonwood Heights from the rugged Utah landscape. Their story echoes in every bottle, imbued in the meticulous craftsmanship of their spirits.

Green Ditch Gin, a juniper-forward masterpiece, pays homage to the network of irrigation canals that fueled the valley's prosperity. Each sip is a crisp ode to resilience, bright with citrus and botanicals.

Eight Settlers Distillery cocktail menu

For a richer, smokier experience, delve into their Devil's Gate Bourbon. Named after a narrow impassable section of rocky quartz, its rugged terrain forced these settlers to enter the valley where Salt Lake City currently exists. Aged in charred oak barrels, every note whispers of crackling mountain fires and star-studded nights that these settlers saw as they made their way into the area. 

From Slopeside to Plate: Culinary Delights After Your Descent

Eight Settlers Distillery Utah

However, Eight Settlers Distillery is more than just a liquid playground. Step into their inviting restaurant and enjoy the local experience. Bathed in warm Edison bulbs and the aroma of wood-fired ovens you will quickly realize why they offer some of the best après-ski in Utah.

Here, the Eight Settlers Distillery Menu is more than just craft cocktails. It is an après-ski oasis where hunger finds solace in skillfully crafted dishes that elevate comfort food to an art form. Savor juicy Jumbo Chicken Wings doused in their Ragtown Whiskey BBQ Sauce.

Eight Settlers Distillery Menu

Or, dive into a hearty bowl of Pork Belly Carbonara that will warm you from the inside out. Don't forget to pair your feast with a perfectly curated cocktail, letting the bartender weave magic with Eight Settlers' own spirits.

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Beyond the Bottle: Experience the Perfect Utah Après-Ski at Eight Settlers Distillery

Utah Distilleries

The magic of Eight Settlers Distillery extends beyond the tasting room and dining tables. Immerse yourself in the distillery's rich history through a guided Utah distillery tour. There you'll witness the alchemy of grain to glass firsthand. On warmer days, soak up the sunshine on their expansive patio, sharing stories and laughter with fellow adventurers.

Eight Settlers Distillery: The Final Run

Eight Settlers Distillery

So, whether you're a seasoned skier carving fresh tracks or a weekend warrior seeking the best après-ski in Utah, Eight Settlers Distillery is your perfect pit stop. Here, the spirit of the mountains infuses every sip, every bite and every interaction. Come for the award-winning spirits and stay for the soul-warming food and vibrant atmosphere. Afterward, you'll have a renewed appreciation for the simple pleasures of a day well spent in Utah's snow-kissed wonderland.

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