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Après Surf Shirt | California Cowboy High Water Shirt

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Après Surf Shirt | California Cowboy High Water Shirt

* blog post updated on June 13, 2022

All About Après Gear Review

Memorial Day has come and gone. That means summer is unofficially, officially here on the Jersey Shore. Time to break out the board shorts, rock your coolest Hawaiian shirt and start sipping lighter beers

Whether I'm chilling at one of my favorite après surf bars or a little place that I like to call Stoner's Palace (my back patio) I'm usually wearing my California Cowboy High Water Shirt

It's the ultimate in après surf clothing for kicking back with friends and sipping on cocktails. 


It's simple. The California Cowboy High Water shirt is not only comfortable but it looks good and has everything you need and more in a Hawaiian shirt.

It's What's on the Inside That Really Counts

California Cowboy High Water Shirt

The first thing you notice when you pull the California Cowboy High Water Shirt out of the packaging is its stunning good looks. No matter what pattern you choose, you will not be disappointed in how the colors pop right off the shirt. 

Remarkable as these good looks may be, I'm reminded of what my mom always used to tell me. 

It's what's on the inside that really counts.

In the case of the California Cowboy High Water shirt, she was correct. 

Unbutton this Hawaiian shirt and you'll find that the inside is actually lined with terry cloth. How retro surf scene of them. It's like having a towel built right into your shirt. This way, when you emerge from the ocean like Halle Berry in James Bond, you can slide right into your High Water shirt without toweling off. 

Talk about true après surf clothing. 

However, great looks and a terry cloth interior is only the beginning of what the High Water has to offer. 

California Cowboy High Water Shirt is the Swiss Army Knife of Hawaiian Shirts

California Cowboy High Water Shirt

Ever since I got the California Cowboy High Water Shirt it has become the new go-to shirt in my sartorial arsenal. I've never seen anything like it. 

It is truly the Swiss Army knife of Hawaiian shirts.

The people at California Cowboy have thought of everything. 

Say the sun is going down and you want to take your sunglasses off. Normally people have a hard time figuring out what to do with them. 

Do you put them up on your hat?

Do you lay them on the table and run the risk of losing them?

Do you tuck them in your shirt pocket?

No! No! No!  California Cowboy has you covered. They have built a little loop into where the buttons are. Slide the arm of the sunglasses right in and they hang perfectly without being a hindrance. 

California Cowboy High Water Shirt has Pockets For Days

California Cowboy High Water Shirt

The next great feature of this shirt is all the pockets.

Yes...ALL the pockets. 

There is not just one breast pocket as you'd expect. There's actually one pocket inside. There is a large pocket on the lower back right. There is also a smaller one on the lower back right. They are everywhere and, believe it or not, they all serve a purpose.

This smaller one actually serves to carry your very personal California Cowboy bottle opener.

Excuse, I meant a gold-plated bottle opener. That's some gangsta shit right there. Okay we'll keep that there.

 California Cowboy

The High Water also comes with your very own California Cowboy koozie. This is obviously an excellent accessory for keeping your beer cold. That being said, every once in a while I get into a situation where I'm like, "what do I do with my beer?"

Maybe I'm playing cornhole, do I want to hold this beer?

Is that going to throw my balance off?

When it comes to the California Cowboy High Water, these problems are all taken care of. That aforementioned larger pocket on the back right...that's there to store your beer.

Look mom, no hands. I can play polish horseshoes. I could throw the frisbee around. I can play some cornhole. It's all deadly. 

The next great pocket is the other large one on the lower back left. This one is waterproof and sealed nicely with a zipper. This is a great place throw your wallet, your keys, hell I'd probably even throw my cellphone there. 

California Cowboy

Bringing People Together One Talking Point at a Time

California Cowboy High Water Shirt

Finally, the last pocket, is the one up at the top. I saved for last because its purpose ties in with one of the best things about California Cowboy as a company. When I first connected with Drew, the founder and owner, I learned that he's an old-school surfer and skier from California. He's also all about the après surf, après ski scene.

Drew loves bringing people together. That's what après ski and après surf is all about. So with every piece of clothing that you get from California Cowboy they send these really fancy California Cowboy talking cards. 

The talking cards are designed to spark some conversation. So when you're sitting around on the back patio drinking beers, you can just pull a card from the pile and get to talking. 

One of my favorites is the card that reads, "I'm just saying you could do better." I mean how many times have I used that line in my life? I finally actually got somebody to buy into it...she's my wife now.

Another good one, is "hit me up when you lower your standards."  Yeah, I definitely have a few friends in low places, so I can relate. 

Nonetheless, these conversation cards are super unique and very necessary. In a time where we always seem to be connected to a device, they give us a break from that reality and make for some fun conversation. 

California Cowboy High Water Shirt is All About Après Approved

Overall, I love the California Cowboy High Water. It is the ultimate in après surf clothing.  California Cowboy has really thought of everything when it comes to the features of this Hawaiian shirt. More importantly, I love California Cowboy as a brand. Their mantra of bringing people together post-ski and surf aligns perfectly with what we try to do here at All  About Après. So if you are looking for a new shirt this summer that will go above and beyond I highly recommend the High Water from California Cowboy. 

When it comes to pairing your California Cowboy shirt with the perfect hat, I highly recommend our Distressed Dad Hat. Its classic faded worn-out look matches the retro après surf clothing vibe of the high water and its already broken-in feel makes it an excellent hat for the beach.  

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