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Après Surf Shirt | California Cowboy High Water Shirt

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Après Surf Shirt | California Cowboy High Water Shirt

All About Après Report Gear Review

Hello everybody I'm Rich Stoner and welcome to another All About Après Report,  the show where we bring you the best places to play both on and off the mountain plus all the food beer gear and more to help make it epic. 

Here we are today at one of my favorite après surf bars, a little place that I like to call Stoner's Palace. It's pretty much my backyard, but this is one of my favorite places to hang out when we roll off the beach. We come here, kick back with some friends and have some drinks.

So I'm back with another gear review. I know what you're thinking. Rich, "what the hell are you talking about you've got no gear?" That's actually because I'm wearing it. I'm talking about this shirt right here the High Water shirt from California Cowboy

California Cowboy High Water is the Swiss Army Knife of Hawaiian Shirts

California Cowboy High Water Shirt

Ever since I got it it's become the new go-to shirt in my arsenal. I've never seen anything like it. It's basically the Swiss Army knife of shirts. There's so much going on on this shirt, I had to show you.

So let's start first off I'm going to take these sunglasses off. Now normally people are like what the hell do I do with my sunglasses? Do I throw them on my hat? Put them backwards? Do I tuck them in my shift? No no,  they've got you covered, there's a little loop right here. Slide them in perfectly and there they sit. Perfect.

California Cowboy High Water Shirt

One of the next great features of this shirt, I'm actually just gonna take these out put them on the side, is the inside of it. It's actually made with terry cloth so when you jump out of the pool, out of the ocean, you can kind of put it on and it almost even serves as a towel.

California Cowboy High Water Shirt has Pockets For Days

The next great feature about this shirt are all the pockets. There's a pocket up here. There's actually one inside as well, one down here, one in the back, on the back, and, believe it or not, they all serve a purpose. This one down here actually serves to carry your very personal California Cowboy bottle opener. Right, I mean take a lot at this, it's gold-plated. That's some gangsta shit right there. Okay we'll keep that there.

 California Cowboy

It also comes with your very own California Cowboy koozie, which is excellent for keeping your beer cold, like this one, one of my new favorites Born Yesterday from Lagunitas. That being said, every once in a while it's like what do I do with my beer? Maybe I'm playing cornhole, do I want to hold this beer? Is that going to throw my balance off? Oh no, no problems here. There's a pocket right here to store your beer, so now look...hands-free. I can play polish horseshoes. I could throw the frisbee around. I can play some cornhole. It's all deadly. alright so we've got that, pull that out.

California Cowboy High Water Shirt

The next great pocket, this one back here, as you can see, it's waterproof. It has a nice waterproof zipper seal to it. This is a great place throw your wallet, throw your keys, hell I'd probably even throw my cellphone there but we're using that to actually film this damn video. Right now, so that's not going to happen.

California Cowboy

Bringing People Together One Talking Point at a Time

California Cowboy High Water Shirt

Finally, the last pocket, this one up here is the one that I saved for last because one of the best things about California Cowboy as a company is when I first connected with Drew, the founder and owner, he's an old school surfer skier from California. He grew up doing that stuff out there and he's all about the après surf, après ski scene.

Drew loves bringing people together, so with every piece of clothing that you get from California Cowboy they send these really fancy California Cowboy talking cards. They are designed spark some conversation. So when you're sitting around on the back patio like I'm doing right now, if I only had some friends to talk to, like here's a great one "I'm just saying you could do better." I mean how many times have I used that line in my life? I finally actually got somebody to buy into it...she's my wife now.

Here's another good one, "hit me up when you lower your standards."  Yeah, I've definitely have a few friends in low places. So that seems to work out really well anyway these would probably work out a lot better if I had some friends actually sitting here with me having some of these beers in my own California Cowboy koozie.

California Cowboy High Water Shirt is All About Apres Approved

Nonetheless, I love this shirt. I love all the features of it. They've really thought of everything and, more importantly, I love California Cowboy as a brand. They're all about bringing people together. They align with what we try to do here at All  About Après and that's why that's why I felt so compelled to show you guys this shirt and tell you about it on this video. So remember if you like what you saw go ahead and click that like button down below and feel free to share this video with your friends. Until next time, it's all downhill from here. Cheers!


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