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A-Basin's Mug Club Displays Unrivaled Dedication to Après Ski

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A-Basin's Mug Club Displays Unrivaled Dedication to Après Ski

Photo Credit: Dave Camara

Once again, A-Basin has won the #RaceToOpen campaign, becoming Colorado's first ski resort to officially start spinning their lifts this season. With some early season double digit snow totals and favorable snow making temps at night, A-Basin delivered an 18" base to a large crowd of delighted fans last Friday, the 13th. Many skiers, lined up at an un-Godly hour in order to hop on one of the early chairs and make those first turns of the season. However, although admirable, it is the true die hards of après ski that get in an entirely different line that morning. Which one? The line for A-Basin's Mug Club, of course.

A-Basin Mug Club line 6th Alley Bar

Photo Credit: Dave Camara

Being a member of the Mug Club earns skiers and riders some serious street cred and, it's no joke trying to get one. You have to be there in person on opening day to purchase yours, and thanks to a rather long line of people, the mugs often sell out that day (as was the case this year). Another caveat is that you can also only purchase one at a time. Want a second mug? Jump back in line and earn it all over again.

Why wait so long for a mug you ask? Well, aside from the obvious street cred you will earn by having one, you'll also receive some pretty sweet, season-long discounts. These 20 oz mugs cost $45 each and depending on the season, are either glass or ceramic. This year's edition is  glass and features the 6th Alley logo and the logo for A-Basin's expansion terrain, The Beavers & The Steep Gullies. One of the really cool aspects of the process is that you'll get to pick your mug number as well.

A-Basin Mug Club 6th Alley BarA-Basin Mug Club 6th Alley Bar

Photo Credit: Dave Camara

Once you've got your mug in hand, head over to the 6th Alley bar and your first beer of the season is on them. Then, continue to  get $1 off beers and bloody marys (they have some damn good bloodies) all winter long. Sorry spirit drinkers, there’s no discount on mixed drinks, but I see no reason not to order one in your mug for the same price as a regular sized drink.

6th Alley Bar A-Basin

Photo Credit: Dave Camara

People often decorate their mugs with stickers and make them their own and being a part of the Mug Club, is a sign that you are a regular at A-Basin. It means you're one of the family and family takes commitment. 

If you don't apres ski pint glass shirtFirst Tracks Bloody Mary Shirt

"One of the best stories is two seasons ago, James, the guy who usually gets mug #1, showed up at 1 pm the day before we opened. He brought a book and sat outside the A-Frame overnight until I got in the next morning. There are people who camp out for first chair, for sure, but that was the first time I had seen someone camp out for the Mug Club. I admire that level of dedication to après!" Said Adrienne Saia Isaac, Marketing & Communications Manager for A-Basin. 

 Sounds like, James is All About Après to me. 

A-Basin Mug Club

Photo Credit: A-Basin


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