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Two Key Reasons Why Sam Adams Air and Après is Not Your Average Bir Air Event

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Two Key Reasons Why Sam Adams Air and Après is Not Your Average Bir Air Event

Après everything. That's pretty much our our motto around here at All About Après. So when I got wind of an event at Mount Snow called Sam Adams Air and Après it was a no brainer that we had to attend. Being tapped into these type of events, and having included Air and Après in a recent roundup of big air and music festivals for Mademan, I knew that Air and Après was getting some pretty solid feedback based on its western tour. Not to mention, the promotional video makes it look pretty sick, piquing my curiosity and creating the desire for me to check it out in person. That being said, word of mouth and the magic of editing may have gotten us through the door but they, in no way, paint the entire picture. This is an event for all ages that NEEDS to be seen in person to capture the true spectacle of Air and Après.

The Hype Builds at The Sam Adams Village and Athlete Demo

Sam Adams Air and Apres Mount Snow
As a nor'easter, blanketed Mount Snow with 14 inches of snow the day prior to the event we could not have been more stoked to get up there, carve some turns and take in all that is Air and Après. Packed with peeps determined to ski the freshies, we were fortunate that the Sam Adams village and jump were set up in front of Mount Snow's Sundance Lodge, away from the crowds at the base and within walking distance of our hotel room. The Sundance Lodge provided the perfect setting, making it was easy to make some turns and take in all the action leading up to the event from the deck of the lodge. Wandering through the village, Sam Adams '76 in hand, amidst the backdrop of athletes launching into the air during their on-course demo you could just feel the hype building for what was to come in only a few short hours. 

Sam Adams Air and Après is More Than Your Average Big Air Event

The big air component of this is cool but that's been done before, what makes Air and Après really worth seeing is the added component of 3D Mapping and its overall appeal to all ages. I have to admit, I had no idea what the hell 3D Mapping was until I did my research, but having figured it all out and witnessed it in person, 3D mapping is one of the keys elevating Sam Adams Air and Après from just your average big air event to an audience captivating spectacle. Envision some of the best big air athletes in the world hurling themselves to unknown heights and then landing on a ramp clad in images of boulders rolling beneath them or, even better, a pint of Sam Adams filling up as the rider makes his way to the bottom. This alluring element fascinated the crowd filled with cheering patrons of all ages, psyching up the athletes even more and fully encouraging them to up the amplitude.  Even my youngest daughters (5 and 6), despite it getting late, could not peel their eyes away from the performance and, my oldest daughter (9) loved every minute of the experience, and has not stopped talking about it since then. She especially loved the post event autograph signing where each athlete treated her like one of their own, ultimately leaving her with an incredible sense of gratification and a smile from ear to ear. The athletes even took the time to sign extra autographs for my two little ones who had to leave to go to bed. It's this type of close, family friendly, atmosphere that when combined with pageantry of the big air event itself makes Sam Adams Air and Après more than worth a trip. 
Sam Adams Air and Apres Mount Snow

DJ Logic Brings Old School Flare to the Sam Adams Post Party

Once the autograph signing session finished up, the après party kept the stoke going all night long. Held at the Snowbarn, which should come as no surprise given its popularity as one of the more reputable music venues in Vermont, they, once again, over delivered on the show.  By the time I got there (had to put the kiddies to bed), it was bumping with people dancing to the beats of the famous DJ Logic. Given his history and relationship to the New York rap scene that I grew up on, I was pretty pumped to see him play and he did not disappoint. It was cool to see an icon like DJ Logic still entertaining crowds of people much younger than him. The crowd of youngins danced into the early morning hours and this added element of the après party served as the perfect ending to an event that had a little something for everyone. 
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