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The Green Door Pub: Elevated Après for a Cause

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The Green Door Pub: Elevated Après for a Cause

I can remember visiting Stratton Mountain a several years back for the first time in a while and finally when I was at legal drinking age. My friend who was rolling with us had been there recently thanks to his lady friend whom he pretty much admitted to dating because she had a house in the area. Not a bad way to make it as a ski bum, I suppose, but probably not the pest tactic for long term success in a relationship. Nonetheless, he kept bringing up The Green Door Pub. Not getting too deep into what the place was like, he was clearly leaving a lot up our imaginations and wanted us to get the full effect of walking into what is arguably the most unique après ski bars that I have ever been to.

Located downstairs from Mulligan's in the Stratton Village, The Green Door Pub does not disappoint. To say you are walking into, what looks like, a frat house's basement would not be doing this bar any justice. It is so much more than that. Thanks to an array of wall paraphernalia, games and frequent live music, the GDP is a distinctive après ski bar where everyone can relax, share their epic day stories and have a great time without the worries of any pretenses. The $3 Narragansett tall boys certainly help and only add to the allure. That, and the stories. Oh, how great those can be. There is no shortage of tall Green Door tales and I am sure everyone has one. I mean, there was the time that my wife was told that she was the, "hottest piece of ass in the bar." as she asked to dance by...another woman. Hard to top but I am sure someone out there can.  


The Green Door Pub is great and one of my favorite après ski locations for the reasons above and so many more. So, it came as no surprise when it won this winter's Freeskier Magazine's Elevated Après reader's poll as best après ski bar at Stratton Mountain. To honor all of its winners, Freeskier is throwing a party at each location. However, in a somewhat curious move, they pulled the party from The Green Door and are having it at another Stratton location that did not win. This suspicious move by Freeskier magazine actually ended up working out for the best. What began as a party based on vitriol has turned into a fantastic reason to celebrate and support a great cause. 

Next Sunday, 2/19, the former Elevated Après Freeskier magazine party at The Green Door Pub is so much bigger than originally intended. The party has turned into a fundraiser for Ross Powers Level Field Fund charity, which gives grants to underprivileged athletes so they can compete at a world class level. Titos vodka has also stepped up and is going to donate up to $2500 on top of what is raised at the event. There will be raffles for prizes including Lib Tech skis and a Rome snowboard as well as other swag. Finally there will be very special Green Door Pub All About Après collaboration t-shirts (pictured above) on sale for $15 a piece with 100% of the proceeds going to the fund.

If you are at Stratton Mountain, be sure to après ski at the Green Door Pub that day. If you're not going to be at Stratton Mountain, find a way to get there and support this amazing cause. It will be worth it for you and the children you'll be helping out. 



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