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Teton Gravity Research Releases Far Out Trailer

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Teton Gravity Research Releases Far Out Trailer

A good ski trip is about the people. Sure there may be an incredible destination involved with deep snow and sick lines but what fun is that without your friends and family? Let's realistic, no body is telling stories about their ski day to themselves at apres. It's all about sharing the experience no matter what the destination is and this winter, with the release of their newest film, Far Out, Teton Gravity Research is proving just that.

Always known for their ability to push the boundaries of skiing to the limits and beyond, TGR's Far Out, once again, delivers in that category. In what is, quite possibly, their most aggressive undertaking, the boys go on a journey to explore the uncharted territory of the Albanian Alps. Not exactly your local ski hill, this is a place that very few would even consider visiting. Along the way they'll make other incredible stops that include and 11 year old shredding Jackson Hole, ripping pillows deep in the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia, the not often heard of Kamchatka Peninsula, the Crazy Mountains in Montana, the Slovenian Alps and more. There's even a scene where Sean Jordan rides into Crested Butte on a black stallion with his skis on his back! Ultimately, it's hard to believe anything topping a journey like this. However, as I previously mentioned, skiing is about being with people and in what might appear as a journey to far out destinations is actually a series of shared experiences that outweigh the final destination. The final destination is pretty sick too though, but don't take my word for it. Check the trailer out for yourself. 


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