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Two Buddies, One Dream Job Application

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Two Buddies, One Dream Job Application

Last year's Dream Job was Epic. No seriously, it was. They partnered with Vail Resorts to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Epic Pass. Of course I entered along with my long time friend and snowboarder Steve Mazzucchi. With a solid entry our video generated a ton of buzz from the people at I even got an email from their head marketing director saying that he spit his coffee across the table when he watched it. Not sure why, after accolades like that, they decided to go in a different direction. Apparently the dude they chose had some sick camera with which he films that put him over the top when compared to our i-phone five quality production. Like that matters. Nonetheless, we did garner an award for funniest submission, so we have that going for us...which is nice. 

This fall, decided to go another round and are running their very own version of the Dream Job. Entrants had to apply to one of six specific locations and, of course, cite reasons why they should be the ones chosen. 

Well there is no quit in this tandem. Fired up from last year's snub, the Cool Rich and Steve got after it again with what we believe is better, funnier and will hopefully do the trick of getting us to our dream destination of Jackson Hole. 

Working for the Weekend: Jackson Hole or Bust


Steve: Dude ,you go to Jackson Hole!?

Rich: Yeah, GPS says We'll be there five minutes. Hop in.

Steve: Sweet!

Rich: We’re Here.

Walking around in the parking lot:

Steve: This isn't quite what I expected 

Rich: So you even see a

mountain anywhere?

Steve: No. 

Rich: I don't see a mountain but the sign says Jackson Hole.

Walking into Jackson Hole Diner:

Rich: What a strange lodge.

Steve: Yeah, it's a little different than I'm used to.

Rich: Hey, Can we get two lift tickets for today, please? 

Hostess: What??? This is a restaurant, not a ski resort.

Rich: What!?


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Sitting at a table in the diner: 

Steve: Well my friend, this is quite a pickle

Rich: You’re killing me Smalls

Steve: You know, honestly it's exhausting to even think about. I might just grab a quick nap.

Rich: Yeah, me too. (going to sleep)

An hour later...

Rich: (Waking up) Still in Jersey? 

Steve: Dude, we just gotta be able to make our Jackson Hole dreams come true.

Rich: I got it! The dream job.

Steve: Do you think they’ll take us?

Rich: I mean why wouldn't they? We love cowboy powder.

Steve: And we do like elk.\

Rich: And I know we're both big fans of Tetons.

Steve: Good point.

Rich: This could be our chance to ride the legendary tram.\

Steve: And do a shot ski with the locals at The Handlebar.

Rich: I got one better. Let’s send it into Corbet’s 

Steve: Hell yeah!

Blake: Dad, what are you waiting for? Just enter!

Rich: You're right, we should.

Steve: Wait a second, Blake, have you been here the whole time? 

Back outside in the Jackson Hole Diner parking lot

Rich:What do you say Jackson Hole needs us.

Steve: Give us a shot

Rich: And see


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