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Legendary Ski Bars Await at 3 Alta Ski Resort Lodges

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Legendary Ski Bars Await at 3 Alta Ski Resort Lodges

Blog post updated on July 11, 2023

Tucked away near the top of one of the Beehive State's most famous canyons lies the skier's paradise of Alta Ski Resort. Since it opened in 1938, Alta Ski Area has attracted skiers in droves. Take one look at the Alta Ski Area map and you'll instantly understand why. With 2,538 feet of vertical spread out over 2,614 skiable acres, their terrain is hard to surpass.

In addition to providing top-notch ski terrain that is arguably the best in the country, Alta receives a staggering 540 inches of snowfall annually, ensuring ample powder days. However, this isn't your average powder; Alta's powder is something else entirely. It's the type of blower pow that you usually only see in movies and can only imagine experiencing.

Turns out, dreams can come true. 

Alta Utah Lodges Offer Legendary Après Ski

The tandem of great terrain and unprecedented snow combined with Alta's proximity to Salt Lake City has given Alta legendary status within the ski world. 

With legendary skiing comes legendary après ski responsibility. 

Trust me, Alta Utah has it.

Alta Ski Resort, located at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon in Utah, maximizes its après ski scene despite its remote surroundings. This feat is made possible largely by the Alta lodges. These lodges boast unique features and, in particular, legendary ski bars that are on par with the exceptional skiing experience at Alta Ski resort.

The Alta Peruvian Lodge: Alta Peruvian Bar 

Alta Peruvian Bar

Photo Credit: Alta Peruvian Bar Instagram

As you drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon, the first of the lodges in Alta that you will come across is the Alta Peruvian Lodge. The Peruvian itself opened in 1948 but, surprisingly, it is not the oldest Alta ski lodge. That distinction belongs to THE Alta Lodge. Nonetheless, this former nurses' barracks turned ski lodge certainly has seen its fair share of skiers come through over the last seven-plus decades.

If only the walls could talk, especially the walls, of their famous Alta Peruvian Bar, known affectionately to visitors as P-Dog.

The Peruvian Bar first opened its doors in 1971. Since then, it has been serving up spirits and plenty of good times. Over the years P-Dog has become a hotspot in the Alta après-ski scene and, today it is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. 

To be honest it's probably not the walls at P-Dog that are talking. It is probably one of the many taxidermy animals, like the famous stuffed buffalo, that adorn it. 

Alta Peruvian Bar

Photo Credit: Alta Peruvian Bar Instagram

If these animals could talk, they would tell a tale of high-spirited visitors meeting new friends and old ones while sharing stories of the incredible day at skiing at Alta. Aided by an array of local beers to choose from many will soon find themselves dancing to whatever local band P-Dog has playing Wednesday to Sunday. 

Whether hanging there après ski or until late in the evening there is no question you will leave telling some stories of your own. 

The Goldminer's Daughter Lodge: Slopeside Joe's

Goldminer's Daughter's Lodge

Photo Credit: Goldminer's Daughter Lodge Instagram

Not too far up the road from the Alta Peruvian Lodge sits the Goldminer's Daughter Lodge. Back in the 19th century, this location was home to an old mining saloon. Now it houses the lodge and Alta's famous patio bar, Slopeside Joe's 

The patio of the Gold Miner's Daughter Lodge couldn't be in a more prime location for après-ski at Alta Ski Resort. Situated right next to Alta's main parking lot and only a few steps away from the Collins and Wildcat lifts, I would not blame you if you confused it as Alta's main base lodge. Nonetheless, being that close to where many skiers finish their day, you can see why a spot like this might be successful.

Slopeside Joe's Alta

Photo Credit: Goldminer's Daughter Lodge Instagram

There, skiers can ski right up to the patio, unclick and have a beer in minutes. Bring your friends or make new ones as you gather with everyone else on the benches around the firepits. The conversations and good times are nonstop and it's not a matter of if but rather when you will all decide to do an "Alta Bomb" drink together. 

Alta's most famous drink is only available at Slopeside Joe's. The "Alta Bomb" is a unique combination of a PBR and a shot of espresso that you drink like an "Irish Car Bomb"

It may not sound appealing. Yet somehow it is.

Drink your pint of PBR down a little, drop the shot of espresso in it, and bombs away. 

Chug! Chug! Chug! If you can.

The combination in the Alta Bomb foams up like you would not believe so be prepared for face shots the like of skiing a powder day at Alta. 

The Alta Lodge Utah: The Sitzmark Club

Dan Withey Alta

Last but certainly not least is The Sitzmark Club at The Alta Lodge. Having been around since 1940, it was Alta's original and, therefore oldest lodge. The Alta Lodge was later converted into a hotel and added onto. What once had only twelve rooms now has 50 and none of which have a TV in it. That said, it might be best for you to go hang out at arguably the best remaining part of the original lodge, The Sitzmark Club. 

It's hard to say which way your eyes will turn when you walk into Alta's famous après ski bar. To the left, you'll be drawn by the gorgeous stone fireplace and beautiful views of the mountain.

The Sitzmark Club Alta Lodge

To the right is arguably the most unique bar set up in all the high country, a pit bar situated below the primary floor of "The Sitz." Behind the bar, you are more than likely to find long-time bartender and Alta pro skier, Dan Withey.

Dan came to Alta in 1992 and after an epic winter that, according to him dumped 800" of snow, he never left. Now he has the highly unenviable task of being photographed skiing Alta pow seven days a week while running the bar on four of those days. 

Dan is a true ski bum whom many come to hang with at the bar and hear stories of winters past. Others come for one of his famous Party Margaritas or a Boomerang. Made with hot apple cider, whiskey and tequila the scent will captivate your senses as it wafts through the entirety of the club. 

The Alta Lodge

The sweet smell of apples and cinnamon only adds to the charm of the bar. "The Sitz" is nothing short of cozy. Knotty pine walls accented by black and white photos pay homage to Alta's past. Within those walls are people relaxing on couches or around tables and taking it all in. As much as anywhere else and probably even more so, The Sitzmark Club is a place to meet people and make new friends. 

It is a true throwback to the old days of skiing. More than likely, you'll find yourself sharing stories with people you hardly know and before you know it, you'll hear Dan yell, "last call." That's the beauty of The Sitz. 

The Perfect Après Ski Clothing to Hang in the Lodges at Alta Utah

Apres All Day Ski Beanie

Whether you are surrounded by taxidermy at P-Dog, doing Alta Bombs on the patio of the Goldminer's Daughter or drinking Boomerangs at The Sitz the right après ski clothing is imperative.

Nothing is more compatible than our Après All Day Beanie (pictured above). Warm and comfortable, this ski beanie offers the versatility you'll want wherever your Alta après ski adventures take you. 

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