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The Kids Have Spoken

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The Kids Have Spoken

Kids Shout Out About Their Après Ski Experience

Video Highlights:

00:23 Introduction with Rich Stoner

00:36 Talking pow days in April

1:00 Hangin on the deck at the Belleayre Mid-mountain Lodge

1:34 Introduces Leighton to find out her favorite part of après

2:08 Charlotte talks hot chocolate

2:47 Blake talks après-ski music, Bruce Jacques and the finer points of hot chocolate

3:54 Rich signs off

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The Kids Have Spoken Transcript

Rich: Hi everybody, this is Rich Stoner with the All About Après Rogue Report. Remember we're using any handheld device that we can find to help bring you the best places to play off the mountain plus all the food, beer, gear and more to help make it epic.

Yesterday was April 2nd we actually got out on the mountain with 6 inches of fresh snow and while we were there I caught up with my own children because I couldn't find any other ones and we asked them what their favorite part about après-ski was. And what I've come to find out is it's really all about the hot chocolate.

Rich: So we're hanging out here on the deck at the mid-mountain lodge at Belleayre and I’ve got two of my little girls with me of the All About Après ski team.  Alright! But this is my favorite part. It’s a spring day. Started out with a little bit of powder in the morning, and it turned to spring conditions, Bluebird skiing, right?

Alright now. We're just hanging out on this deck, which I absolutely love. There’s awesome views of the Catskill Mountains. There's just nothing better than hanging out here listening to some tunes having a beer with my family and friends.

Rich: We're here with Leighton and we're at Bellayre we just finished up with a little break down the mountain with spring skiing. Leighton, what do you like, what do you like most about après-ski?

Is it the food, is it the music, is it the hot chocolate? What do you like the best?

Leighton: Food

Rich: What is your favorite après-ski food?

Pretzels, pizza, nachos, wings…

Leighton:  Pizza!

Rich: Pizza is your favorite food? Alright, did you have a great day today at Belleayre?

Leighton: Shakes her head, yes.

Rich: Yeah, awesome day!

Rich: We’re here with Charlotte. She just got done shredding today. We're sitting at après-ski.

Charlie what's your favorite part of après-ski?

Charlotte: Ummmmmm, hot chocolate!

Rich: What's the best part of hot chocolate?

Charlotte: Cause it's hot!

Rich: Cause it’s hot? It’s not the marshmallows?

Charlotte: Actually, marshmallows.

Rich: What's your favorite apres-ski food? Pizza, nachos, wings, pretzels.

Charlotte: Pizza!

Rich: Pizza?’s the best.

Alright, she did great today at Belleayre.

Rich:I'm here with Blake. We just got finished up again, like I said, at Belleayre. We're hitting up après. She's got an awesome little brownie here. Blake, what's your favorite part après-ski?

Blake: Music.

Rich:  What do you like about the music?

Blake: It’s fun. I like dancing.

Rich: Who is your favorite musician that you saw this winter?

Blake: Bruce.

Rich: Bruce who?

Blake: I have no idea.

Rich: Bruce Jacques at Mount Snow. Yeah, Bruce is fun. He's a lot of fun. Alright, what's your favorite après-ski food?

Blake: Hot chocolate

Rich: Cool, what's the best part hot chocolate?

Blake: When you are coming in out of a cold day of skiing, you come in and warm up with hot chocolate.

Rich: Awesome...well there you have it kids have spoken about the best parts of après-ski. They love the music, the food and most importantly they love the hot chocolate.

It’s been a great winter this year. We had a blast out there and I’m looking for even more memories together as a family.

Charlotte: It’s so good and so much fun!

Remember if you like what you saw subscribe to the YouTube channel below and be sure to check us out at Until next time this is Rich Stoner signing off with the All About Après Rogue Report.

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