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Jeff Tuohy Talks Music, Snowboarding and Après Ski

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Jeff Tuohy Talks Music, Snowboarding and Après Ski

Mount Snow Fan Favorite, Jeff Tuohy, to Headline Winter Brewers Festival

"Jeff Tuohy, I've definitely heard of him," said Steve as we drove past the billboard outside the Snowbarn en route to Mount Snow. This was two winters ago and the first time we ever saw Tuohy perform, as a group of us made it out that night for his second show of the weekend. Tuohy and his band rocked that night and he even took the time to stop and chat with us prior to his second set. Not a rare occurrence for Tuohy since he regularly hangs with the crowd that he performs for, a characteristic that is definitely part of his appeal. We actually got to see Tuohy play again the following weekend at The Hermitage Club right down the road, a coincidental and fortuitous incident that we felt lucky to have enjoyed.

It seems everyone in The Deerfield Valley loves Jeff Tuohy and if you ever see him perform, you'll immediately understand why. The guy can flat out sing, that's for sure, but his appeal lies in his ability to perform. He's into it! You can just tell by his body language, the energy he brings to each show and that he, flat out, loves playing to fun après ski crowds who are just looking to have a great time. He also happens to be the best Jacket Wide Open snowboarder that I know.

We recently caught up with Jeff Tuohy to chat ahead of his upcoming performance at the Mount Snow Winter Brewer's Festival where he'll be playing this weekend. 

All About Après: When did you get into singing and song writing?

Jeff Tuohy: I sang before I spoke fluent English. My mother would find me singing to
myself in the crib. I'd improvise different songs on car rides around age
five and started recording ideas onto a crappy tape recorder around sixth

AAA: What do you consider your best attribute as a performer?

JT: I believe it's about the audience as much as it is the performers. Different crowds have different vibes. My band and I play intimate shows to venues of 100 and ragers to mobs of 6,000. The aspect both have in common are focused energy and CONNECTION. Sometimes it's a quiet intensity, other times, I'm off the wall, sweating my ass off. It's
important to remain authentic and true to the moment.

AAA: Who are your main musical influences? Are there any influences outside of music?

JT: I'm influenced by whatever captivates my ear and attention. Right now, I have Bop jazz on. Driving to the city for tonight's gig, I'll probably listen to the Billboard Top 100 of 2000 for fun.  My most popular song- "Bourbon Street" came from my musical theater background. John Fogerty of CCR, Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes, Michael Jackson,
Chris Stapleton, and Stevie Nicks are some of my favorite singers. The best performers I've seen live are Prince, Springsteen, and Mick Jagger. These days, I listen to a lot of artists produced by Dave Cobb like Chris Stapleton, Strugill Simpson, and Jason Isbell. 

Still have a soft spot for Def Leppard's "Hysteria," which I bought on cassette at a Shop Rite in Jersey when I was seven. Still love hip-hop from 1990-2000.

Outside of music, I read and talk to a lot of people on my travels. Inspiration for songwriting comes from those experiences.

AAA: You are very expressive on stage. Is that something that comes with the music or is it predisposed?

JT: It's predisposed. When I was younger, I'd thrash around on stage depending on how the music moved me. Then, I took a theatre voice (speaking) class on Linklater technique in college. We learned words should convey meaning
through tone, breath, and expression. That coupled with movement exuding a song's essence create an engaging performance.

AAA: How did you get into playing the après ski scene?

JT: It all started at Mount Snow. They have been a longtime, true ally.

AAA: What do you think makes you a fan favorite at places like Mount Snow and The Hermitage?

JT: The reasons we just discussed (laughs). Also, I love getting to know people.

AAA: What do you like the most about playing at après ski versus playing a regular show?

JT: Apres is a culture of people living their lives to the fullest. They typically wake up early, rip down a mountain all day, and then party their asses off at 4pm. People from all walks of life; personality-wise and geographically. I also like being done working by 7pm (laughs).

AAA: When did you get into riding?

JT: I was 21 and went with my friends, Adios Pantalones to their show @ Jay Peak.

AAA:  Does a day on the mountain get you amped to play at après? If so, how?

JT: I typically don't ride before a show. I save my energy for the gig and ride the day after.

AAA: What is your favorite après ski beer/cocktail? Do you have a preference, Wings or nachos?

JT: Whiskey is good for clearing the pipes. I'm surrounded by a few vegetarians, so it's predominantly a nacho hang.

AAA: Where are you playing in the near future?

The next big, mountain show is the Mount Snow Winter Brewers' Festival on April 1st. Other shows are listed on

This weekend is the 9th annual Brewer's Festival at Mount Snow and will feature 35 beers from 20 different brewer's from around the region.  This is the perfect opportunity to head to the mountain, get in some spring turns and then après ski in style with great brews and great music from Jeff Tuohy who will be rocking the Cuzzins stage. This opportunity will be hard to pass up so get your tickets today at Winter Brewer's Festival.

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