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How Heavenly is Taking Craft Beer Tasting and Skiing to New Heights

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How Heavenly is Taking Craft Beer Tasting and Skiing to New Heights

Photo Courtesy of Heavenly Ski Resort

It's hard to imagine a ski day without having at least one beer post pow to commemorate your accomplishments. That's why so many great ski resorts across the country, each offer their own unique experience when it comes to après ski. From live music to creative food and drinks, there is just so much great stuff going on out there. This makes it really tough to nominate one resort as the best when it comes to these after ski adventures. However, if you are really looking for a ski experience consistently supplemented by an après ski experience that is, I don't know...celestial, you'd be hard pressed to find a better resort than Heavenly. With a slew of casinos and nightclubs, as well as a calendar fully devoted to après ski events, there is no doubt that Heavenly is putting the "party" in après ski party. 

Heavenly's Tap Offers Free Beer Samples to Close Your Ski Day

Heavenly Ski Resort, Tap

Photo Courtesy of Heavenly Ski Resort

Never satisfied, Heavenly continues to reinvent themselves and this season has taken craft beer drinking to new heights by, literally, putting it on the mountain. With the introduction of their "Happiest Hour," Tap, they are offering FREE craft beer samples from specific breweries daily from 3-4 every, yes EVERY, day of the week. Schuss on over to the Tamarack chair grab a sample or two from you favorite brewery then head back out for another lap. It's hard to imagine a more fun way to end the day on the slopes and prime yourself for après ski than this. Once the hour is up and you've finished your brew-ski laps, unbuckle those boots and head over to the Tamarack Lodge to keep the party going.  They'll have happy hour specials on beers from the brewery you just sampled which is surely worth your while.

Still Plenty of Weeks Left to Sample Beers at Tap

Heavenly Ski Resort, Tap

Photo Courtesy of Heavenly Ski Resort

Tap kicked off in late December and the beers have been flowing ever since. Here's a look at the breweries you can sample each week for the remainder of the season:

5-Mar           Kona Brewing Company

12-Mar         Breckenridge Brewery

19-Mar         Breckenridge Brewery

26-Mar         Four Peaks Brewery

2-Apr            10 Barrell Brewing 

9-Apr            Golden Road Brewing

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