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Honeypie: The Perfect Après Ski Location for Families

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Honeypie: The Perfect Après Ski Location for Families

There I was this past summer, standing at Meuleman's Craft Draught looking back across the street at a new restaurant with the name Honeypie. It had been a while so, the last I remembered, that location that  I was staring at was a gas station. The perfect spot for me to fill up my tank while I filled up my growlers at the same time. However, that gas station was long gone, and this shiny new restaurant sat there in its place with the smell of tasty food wafting through the air. I knew based on the enticing smell of cooked sausages, I just had to give it a try. So my family and I one day.

There is so much to like about Honeypie. It being a restaurant converted from a former gas station may seem odd, but it works, it really works. The chic industrial décor seem true to the building's roots and the communal seating outside and inside along the windows is a great way to chat up new people especially when you are drinking one of the four rotating beers they have on tap. And the food, oh how good the food is. Fresh, quality ingredients are used to make up a menu that is filled with simple, affordable and delicious tasting specialty burgers and sandwiches. If you're not rinsing that down with a beer, I would suggest ordering up one of their delicious milk shakes to compliment your burger and fries. If not for you, do it for the kids.

With all of these great characteristics, Honeypie should cement itself as a go to après ski location for families with children visiting Stratton Mountain this winter. That being said, I caught up with owner Chloe Genovart to discuss her and her husband's motivation behind Honeypie, the menu and atmosphere and, of course, why people should après ski at Honeypie this winter.

All About Après: What was your motivation for creating Honeypie, especially since it is so different from your other location, SoLo?

Chloe Genovart: The idea for Honeypie was really selfishly driven. We wanted to have a place to be able to go to for us and our kids that is quick, easy, affordable but uses high quality product.  Once we determined that, we sort of painted this picture of what the place would look like and we kept coming back to this idea that we wanted to create a restaurant that our 5 year old would enjoy as much as we would.  We were eyeing the location for a while because of it’s proximity to us/SoLo and the mountain.  It’s also super refreshing for us to have a place like SoLo and also a place like Honeypie.  Both places that we love and care deeply about but both so dramatically different from each other…we’re having a lot of fun bouncing between the two worlds.

AAA: Was your intention to open a restaurant like this in a former gas station or did that just happen?

CG: Initially no, we moved back to Vermont after spending years in NYC, Madrid and Boston.  We came to VT with our then baby to open SoLo.  After 5 years at SoLo feeling established we were starting to think about adding another piece to the mix—and then Honeypie was born.

AAA: What about the menu and atmosphere makes Honeypie unique and special?

CG: It’s approachable, simple and easy to navigate but without compromising quality.  We use high quality ingredients—many of which are the same purveyors that we use at SoLo.  All of the meat we serve is local from VT—many of the animals come from farmers that we know.  Wes does all of the butchering here.   We make all of the sausages by hand right there at Honeypie, all of the meat is ground daily, etc.

AAA:How do you think that you will fare during ski season, particularly for après ski?

CG: I think we will have a busy Winter.  We are really well situated with great proximity to the ski areas as well as the surrounding communities.  We are anticipating having a great winter with lots of SNOW!

AAA: Will you be doing anything different to draw skiers and riders away from the mountain for après ski? How will this result in success?

CG: No plans at the moment…although I think takeout will be a big part of our business.

AAA: Do you have an insider's tip for our readers? Something that only a regular patron might know about Honeypie?

CG: We always have specials so be on the lookout for any special items!


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