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Help 6 Boys in a Box Highlight the Soul of Skiing

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Help 6 Boys in a Box Highlight the Soul of Skiing

When I was in college I pretty much hung around, drank copious amounts of cheap beer and watched football. The thought of buying a bus, converting it into a house and using it to travel around the country to produce a ski film never crossed my mind. However, despite my inability to build shit (sorry Dad, someone broke the mold after you) I watch an inordinate amount of DIY and HGTV shows and I am a super passionate skier. That being said I can really appreciate a good project that combines both. This is exactly why I introduced myself to The Box Boys, a group of college students from St. Michael's College in Vermont.

The Box Boys are equally passionate about skiing, but unlike me they can do more that just watch Tiny House Nation. So these long-time skiers actually bought a party bus, converted it into living quarters and are headed out this winter to find the resorts in North America with some soul. You know, the ones that make you feel like you are part of a family every time that you ski there. I love all of it! So, with that in mind, I have aligned myself with these guys to help support and promote their journey this winter while they produce their cinema quality film that highlights the soul of local ski towns called Finding the Soul.

 The Box Boys Ski

You too can jump in the box and ride along with them by supporting their cause with their new Kickstarter Campaign. I can't say that they will literally let you in the box if you donate but you can get some pretty sweet Swag if you do. Check them out and help them out in any way that you can here => The Box Boys Ski 

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The Box Boys Ski


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