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Did Coronavirus Just End Ski Season?

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Did Coronavirus Just End Ski Season?

A week ago I was pretty stoked. I had just returned from skiing three days in Tahoe and was primed for the next weekend's ski trip to Windham with my family. There was also at least one last trip on the horizon, our annual adults only weekend to Mount Snow, that's always a blast. Then the wheels began to fall off the ski transport, if you know what I mean. Coronavirus reared its ugly head sending the U.S. into a tizzy and, with it, ski season into a season ending tailspin. Windham closed last weekend. Then Vail Resorts followed by Alterra Mountain Company shut down all of their ski resorts through the month. And, yesterday Vail Resorts made the tough decision to close all 37 of their North American Resorts for the remainder of the 2019-2020 season. Wow, that escalated quickly.

I can't predict the future, but based on the previous weekend's fallout I can only imagine that Alterra and many other independent ski areas will follow suit given the current coronavirus situation. This is uncharted territory that we are navigating through as a country facing a global pandemic. There is no doubt that the end of ski season in any year is sad for all of us but this early and under these circumstances it is even sadder. However, in all reality, it is just a blip on the radar. We'll get through it together and the mountains will be there ready and waiting for our return. 

See Quarantine as an Opportunity

Mount Snow

Remember, it's not only ski season that has been canceled, it's almost everything. Work, sports, restaurants, bars have been reduced to next to nothing. Family time will now be at a premium. Take our current quarantine as an opportunity to capitalize on this and spend time together that you normally would not be able to. Reflect on the great memories that this year's ski and snowboard season provided you all. Consider it an apres ski season of sorts. Tell stories, laugh, eat delicious food, drink craft beers, what the hell make hot chocolate and s'mores...who cares if it's warm out? Coronavirus may have ended ski season and other aspects of life as we know it but that doesn't mean we all can't make the best of it.

Find the positives and run with them. As Vivian Greene once said, Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain.” Well start dancing everyone, it's going to be a while so we all might as well make the best of it. Stay healthy and safe and I'll see you all on the trails and at apres ski again soon. 


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