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Copper Mountain's Aerie: Redefining On-Mountain Dining in Colorado

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Copper Mountain's Aerie: Redefining On-Mountain Dining in Colorado

* All Photos Credit Copper Mountain

This winter, Copper Mountain is redefining what it means to have the best on-mountain dining in Colorado. The recently unveiled and highly anticipated Aerie Lodge is more than just your average mid-mountain lodge. Nestled atop the American Eagle lift, this 25,000-square-foot, two-story haven is a full-fledged culinary destination that promises to catapult Copper Mountain to the forefront of on-mountain dining experiences in Colorado.

The Aerie Lodge: A Culinary Destination

Copper Mountain On Mountain Dining

Since its soft opening on November 13th, 2023, guests have flocked to the Aerie Lodge in droves to experience its diverse array of dining options. Looking for a freshly baked pastry? The charming cafe is eager to help you jump-start your day. Perhaps it's a quick and delicious bite you seek before heading back out for some afternoon laps. Pop in and experience the five-station food hall featuring stone-fired pizza and ramen.

Looking to unwind with a refreshing drink and some après ski apps. You are sure to find what you need at one of the multiple bars within the lodge. They even plan on offering special occasion holiday dinners at the signature "Forage and Feast" restaurant. With a day's worth of sustenance to choose from, the Aerie has something to satisfy every taste bud.

270 Degree Colorado Mountain Views 

Colorado Mountain Views

The Aerie Lodge experience is far more than a culinary destination. With the gondola unloading directly onto the second-floor deck, accessibility is seamless for all guests. From there you are immediately greeted by the breathtaking 270-degree Colorado Mountain Views. Vistas of the Gore and Ten Mile Ranges provide a truly unforgettable backdrop that every visitor is sure to enjoy. 

Beyond the stunning views and delicious food, the Aerie also plans to host a variety of special programs throughout the year. This includes the aforementioned holiday dinners and also beer pairings and moonlight dine-and-ski events. These unique experiences promise to further elevate the Aerie Lodge at Copper Mountain as a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable mountaintop experience.

Why The Aerie is a Must-Visit Destination

Aerie Lodge

    • Location: Copper Mountain, at the top of the American Eagle lift
    • Elevation: 11,200 feet
    • Size: 25,000-square-foot, two-story building
    • Features: Seamless access for all visitors via the gondola unloading on the second-floor deck, breathtaking 270-degree views of the Gore and Ten Mile Ranges.
    • Culinary Highlights: "Forage and Feast" offers a unique Colorado cuisine experience, and the five-station food hall provides diverse grab-and-go options.
    • Special Programs: Holiday dinners, beer pairings, moonlight dine-and-ski events, and more.

Aerie Lodge Culinary Destination

So, whether you're an avid skier trying to figure out where to eat at Copper Mountain or simply someone seeking a stunning mountaintop escape, the Aerie Lodge is a must-visit destination. With its unparalleled combination of breathtaking views, delicious food, and unique experiences,  the Aerie is sure to become a cherished Colorado landmark for years to come.

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