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Burton U.S. Open After Party this Friday at Vail Brewing Company

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Burton U.S. Open After Party this Friday at Vail Brewing Company

With the Burton U.S. Open already underway at Vail Mountain in Colorado it is important that you be armed with quality information on not only the main event but where to party at après ski throughout the entire competition. You can bet that, aside from drinking enough Red Bull and Rockstar to whip you into a Tasmanian Devil-like frenzy, there will also be plenty of beer consumed. With that in mind, it is a must that you head on over to Vail Brewing Company for some tasty beers during après ski. 

Vail Brewing Company is the only brewery in the Upper Eagle Valley to bear the Vail name and with that comes great responsibility. A responsibility that VBC delivers on and then some. Producing small batch hand-crafted ales translates into an unrivaled attention to detail. VBC brews beers that, "they like to drink." Turns out, so do many others. That is why they are often packed with patrons. By constantly developing new beers for their guests, some of which have cemented themselves in the taproom and at nearby restaurants as staples, VBC keeps people coming day in and day out. 

However, their great beers are on the beginning. The brewery itself is a environment that is perfect for après ski. Situated in an industrial park could have its pitfalls from an ambiance perspective. However, VBC has more than made it work. The brewery is a welcoming, family friendly place that is decorated with antiques representative of the region. It also has large garage door that opens out onto a patio, perfect for warmer late winter, spring and summer days. 

With the Burton U.S. Open in town, Vail Brewing Company will be one of the many places people will be packing into for a good time this weekend. Be sure to pay them a visit yourself, especially on Friday night when they will host an after party with DJ AG and continue rocking after the Solaris Concert at the U.S. Open. 

All Photos Credit of Vail Brewing Company

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