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Beyond the Après Podcast: Roadhouse Brewing Company's Gavin Fine

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Beyond the Après Podcast: Roadhouse Brewing Company's Gavin Fine

Photo Credit: Roadhouse Brewing Co. Instagram Page @roadhousebeer

If you like beer and have ears and haven't been listening to the Beyond the Après Podcast then this is the time to start. On this episode The Snow Report's Halley O'Brien and I sit down and stir it up with the man behind the Fine Dining Group and Roadhouse Brewing Company's co-founder, Gavin Fine. Over the past two plus decades, The Fine Dining Group has been instrumental in transforming Jackson Hole from a rugged cowboy town into a very underrated foodie ski destination. 

Loosen Your Boots and Enjoy the Beer Sampling

Roadhouse Brewing Company

Photo Credit: Roadhouse Brewing Co. Instagram Page @roadhousebeer

Thanks to a very generous delivery from Roadhouse Brewing Company, we are able to sample four of their very approachable and tasty craft beers on the show. The episode kicks off with a pour of their deliciously famous après-ski beer, Loose Boots Après IPA. Very drinkable at only 5% it delivers a face shot of hops that will bring you back for more every time. Moving forward we pour ourselves a pint of The Highwayman and learn the history behind the man this tasty pilsner is named for. We then hit the road for a quick Family Vacation, an easy drinking Cream Ale that drops us off at the beer tasting finale, the Wilson Mountain IPA

The Stories Flow Like The Beer

Jackson Hole Fine Dining Group

Photo Credit: Fine Dining Group Instagram Page @jhfinedining

Just like a good après-ski session, our conversation with Gavin flows as easily as the beers we poured. The episode is chock full of amazing stories. During our time together Halley, Gavin and I dig deep into the finer points of mid-Western and upstate NY garage beers such as Hamm's and Genessee Light. Ah the classics! We also dive deep into how the time Fine spends eating and drinking in Europe translates into the vibe that has Jackson Hole evolving into a new foodie ski destination. There is even a conversation on how disappointed he is in himself for only having been a true ski bum for one year prior to building his restaurant empire. No worries though...Gavin Fine claims to be back on track toward living his ski bum dream and you should be too. 

So pour yourself a Loose Boots (or any beer), kick back, relax and enjoy our newest episode of Beyond the Après

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