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Après Ski in Jackson Hole: Roadhouse Brewing Company

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Après Ski in Jackson Hole: Roadhouse Brewing Company

* Updated on September 15, 2021

* All Photos Courtesy of @roadhousebeer Instagram

As part of the ski media, I often have the opportunity to attend some pretty awesome media events. One of the best that I've ever attended was the Winter in Wyoming event held at The Standard in NYC a few years back. The warm, welcome from the people of Wyoming made me feel like I fit right in and I definitely got a great feeling for what après ski in Jackson Hole was all about. 

Just reminiscing about it now has me thinking about jumping on a plane and flying out to Wyoming. The food and beverage variety, mostly native to the state, upped the ante at the event. I also got my fill of craft beer, obviously a main staple of après ski in Jackson Hole.

Perfectly Pairing Craft and Food at Roadhouse Brewing Company

Roadhouse Brewing Loose Boots

The craft beer for the Winter in Wyoming event was flown in from Roadhouse Brewing Company in Jackson hole. Having met Roadhouse Brewing Company co-founder, Gavin Fine, that night and sampled a variety of their beers I came to appreciate what Roadhouse Brewing Jackson was trying to accomplish. A renowned chef  and part owner of Jackson Hole's Fine Dining Group, Gavin Fine has cemented Roadhouse Brewing as one of the best places for après ski in Jackson Hole. 

Tossing back one Family Vacation Golden Ale after another while chatting with Fine, I could instantly sense his passion for food and how it pairs with the beers that they are brewing at Roadhouse Brewing Company. That is, after all, the purpose. Creating a harmonious blend of flavors with the food you prepare and the drinks that compliment it is paramount to a successful meal. It is clear, based on my conversation with Fine that he was devoted to that plan along with their Live Deep" mantra in order to maintain their success at après ski in Jackson Hole.  

Loosen Your Boots at Après Ski in Jackson Hole

Roadhouse Brewing Company

At the time of the reception, I was in the process of doing the research for a roundup of ski themed beers. Given that Roadhouse Brewing was located in one of the most authentic ski towns in America, I asked Gavin Fine if they had any plans to release a ski themed brew.

Fine's smile widened from ear to ear. He pulled out his phone and immediately showed me the graphics for Roadhouse's Loose Boots "Après IPA," at the time, set to drop within the next few weeks.

Boom! What a fortuitous conversation that turned out to be.

Since that time I have had the opportunity to drink plenty of Loose Boots. I love it. Sessionable yet quite flavorful it is an excellent beer selection when you are at après ski in Jackson Hole. Loose Boots was also the beer that prompted me to learn more about the brewery itself.

Living Deep in a Place Full of Adventure

Roadhouse Brewing Company Jackson Hole

Since that time, I have written countless articles on Roadhouse Brewing and had Gavin Fine on as a guest on the Beyond the Après podcast. Through working with them regularly, I have come to find that their passion is more than pairing good food with good beer. It extends beyond the parameters of the brewery and into the community where they seek to form lasting relationships forged by their motto, Live Deep

At one point in the movie Braveheart William Wallace says, "Every man dies, not every man truly lives." Those who call Jackson Hole home or who are lucky enough to have visited this epic locale know that it is a place filled with adventure. From the deep pow days to the white water rapids, you have no choice but to truly live while there. Roadhouse Brewing company captures this passion in every beer that they brew and every dish they make.

Each bottle of beer is a tribute to Roadhouse Brewing's love of the outdoors and the people that "Live Deep" while experiencing them. This type of dedication to their craft that has contributed to the continued growth of Roadhouse Brewing Company. It has also made it and some of their other Fine Dining Group establishments, (Il Villaggio Osteria, The Kitchen, The Bistro, Bar Enoteca and Roadhouse Pub and Eatery) some of the best après ski in Jackson Hole.

An Unprecedented Rise to One of the Best Places for Après Ski in Jackson Hole

Roadhouse Brewery

Over time their rise has been unprecedented. When Gavin Fine and his partner Colby Cox started out, they were brewing out of the back of a garage. Now Roadhouse Brewing occupies a state of the art facility in huge industrial space complete with authentic German tanks and vintage wooden barrels.

The brewery is open daily from 4-9pm, offering a selection of their year-round beers on tap. Roadhouse Brewing also offers seasonal and experimental brews available exclusively in the tap room.

Roadhouse Brewing is no stranger to a good après ski crowd. Drinking their tasty beers paired with some of their delicious dishes, it along with the Roadhouse Pub and Eatery are two of the best après ski in Jackson Hole. You can also find a healthy variety of Roadhouse Brewing Company's beers at many of the bars and restaurants around town making them a permanent fixture at après ski in Jackson Hole.  

Roadhouse Brewing Beer Review

Roadhouse Brewing Continues to expand into surrounding states making their tasty beers more accessible for fans likes us. If you can get your hands on them, here are a few that we suggest. 

Loose Boots Après IPA 5.5% ABV 

Roadhouse Brewing Loose Boots

The worst part about skiing is undoubtedly the ski boots. The best part about skiing, unbuckling them. That's exactly what the collaboration beer with Stio Outdoor Apparel, Loose Boots Après IPA was brewed for. It truly hits the spot as the blood flows back into your feet and you slowly regain feeling in these lower extremities.

This is as good of a session IPA that I have had. It is super easy drinking with the perfect amount of hops that give off a nice citrus flavor of orange and lemon. Not overly malty at all and low on alcohol, you can really throw these back after a long day of shredding. 

Roadhouse says that Loose Boots pairs with, "tired legs, loaded nachos, and slope side live music." 

I say it pairs well with life. 

Family Vacation Blonde Ale 4.9% ABV

Roadhouse Brewing Family Vacation

This first beer that I tried from Roadhouse and still one of my favorites. I'm not a huge blonde ale fan however, this beer is really quite tasty. Flavors of biscuit blend extremely well with the citrus, particularly lemon, notes of the hops to create a refreshing and crisp blonde. So next time you hit the road on a Griswold-like vacation throw a few in the cooler for when you get there. You won't be disappointed. 

Avarice and Greed 9% ABV

Roadhouse Brewing Avarice and Greed

Avarice and Greed can be dangerous, and so can this beer. With an ABV of 9% this Belgian Strong Ale packs a serious punch. That punch, however, is softened by its harmonious blend of Pilsen malts, Belgian yeast and just enough hops creates a balance of flavors. It's dangerously drinkable. So tread the line with this one, Avarice and Greed may feel damn good but it can get you in the long run. 

Gavin Fine on the Beyond the Après Podcast

For more on their beers check out our Beyond the Après podcast episode where Halley O'Brien and I crack open a few and chat more extensively with Gavin Fine about them and the brewery itself.  

Next time you are sipping Roadhouse Brewing beers during après ski in Jackson Hole remember to wear some of our après ski clothing like our It's Time to Send It ski t-shirt. The gelande quaffing theme is the perfect fit for the birthplace of the greatest drinking game known to mankind. 

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