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Apex Predators of the Northern Deep

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Apex Predators of the Northern Deep

A tranquil day of ice fishing goes suddenly awry when natural selection rears its ferocious head. Something lurks in the depths of the great lonesome mountains of the North – a land where if you are not the predator, you WILL be the prey. But four skiers will not go down without a fight.

The Shadow Campaign // Apex Predators of the Northern Deep from DPS SKIS on Vimeo.

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Shot on location in Haines, AK

Featuring: Zack Barrett, Zack Giffin, Santiago Guzman, and Piers Solomon

Executive Producer Dan Benshoff

Produced by Stephan Drake

Directed and Edited by Ben Sturgulewski // Sturgefilm //

Shot by Ben Sturgulewski, Dan Pizza, Sam Giffin, Michael Dyrland, and David Woodson



Performed by MGMT

Courtesy of Columbia Records

By Arrangement with Sony Music Entertainment

Music Management by Bodie Johnson


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