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6 Après Ski Music Acts That Kept The Good Times Rolling This Winter

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6 Après Ski Music Acts That Kept The Good Times Rolling This Winter

All About Après Report Episode 4

Video Highlights:

00:19 Rich's introduction to the Rogue Report

00:30 Talking about this winter in Vermont

00:50 Mentions the music acts that we saw 

1:45 the lead in to the après ski music edit

1:55 Saints and Liars at The Green Door Pub, Stratton Mountain Resort

2:20 Jeff Tuohy on The Cuzzins patio at Mount Snow

2:59 Bruce Jacques at Cuzzins, Mount Snow

3:27 Twiddle at The Vermont Open, Stratton Mountain Resort

3:50 Fruition on The Cuzzins patio at Mount Snow

4:20 Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Reggaefest The Snowbarn

4:48 Rich wraps up our 2017-2018 après ski music edit


Download as a pdf: 2017-2018 All About Après Music Edit 

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All About Après Report Episode 4 Transcript

Hello everybody and welcome to another All About Après Rogue Report. Remember, we're taking any handheld device we can find to bring you the best places to play on and off the mountain, plus all the food, beer, gear and more to help make it epic.

This past winter we got out a lot. Actually, we spent a lot of time on the East Coast this winter not much time out west. We spent a lot of time over and up in Vermont, which is one of my favorite places to play and throughout the course of the winter we got to see some really, really great musical acts. We're pretty much regulars at Mount Snow so every Saturday Bruce Jacques’s is playing and if you haven't seen him, he's a character.

We also got to see Jeff Tuohy, who’s kind of become a good friend of ours here on the show.  And, we got to see Fruition play, who's a cool little bluegrass band. Saints and Liars. We even had the opportunity to check out Twiddle, who is a Vermont based jam jam band and over the last year or so, maybe two years, they've really really blown up and become big time. So we got to see them at the Vermont open this year, and they were the headliner there. It was it was damn cold out to be honest with you. It was you know, I think it was pretty much snowing for four days straight, and it was probably about, three degrees when we saw them play but they were really good and warmed the place up ,rocked the parking lot and they’re a great band.

So without any further ado here's our 2017-2018 après ski music edit. I hope you guys enjoy it.


Clips of the bands play.

Alright there it was. You got to see all the bands and the music acts that we got to see this winter. From Bruce Jacques to Jeff Tuohy, to Twiddle...they were all fantastic! I'm a sucker for live music. It doesn't get any better than that at après.

So if you guys like what you saw be sure to share this with your friends. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel for more places to play on and off the mountain, more food more beer, more gear and cheers to another All About Après Rogue Report.



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