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5 Reasons Why The Foggy Goggle is One of the Best Après Ski Bars

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5 Reasons Why The Foggy Goggle is One of the Best Après Ski Bars

When it comes to skiing in the East, oftentimes it is Vermont or bust.

I get it.

I've long been a fan of the many ski resorts that the Green Mountain State has to offer. However, being in the ski media and trying to cover as much territory as possible to bring you coverage of the best that après ski has to offer, I have really tried to branch out over the last decade. So instead of always heading north to Vermont, I have recently found there to be great skiing and, of course, après ski if I drive west from my home base in NJ. 

No, I'm not talking about taking a car ride to Colorado or Utah. I'm talking about heading beyond the Poconos to western Pennsylvania. In recent years I've grown to love western New York's Holiday Valley Ski Resort and the town of Ellicottville. It's simply one of the best places to ski here on the east coast.

This year, however, with Vail Resorts' acquisition of Seven Springs Mountain Resort, we decided to mix it up. So instead of cutting north from Pa into NY state we stayed the course and made our way to Seven Springs Ski Resort to see what it and its legendary après ski bar The Foggy Goggle had to offer. 

Seven Springs: The Largest Ski Resort in Pa

Seven Springs Ski Resort Pennsylvania

Photo Credit: Seven Springs Mountain Resort

Seven Springs Ski Resort in Pennsylvania has long been a favorite for visitors from major metropolitan markets such as Washington DC, Pittsburgh and Cleveland. New York City, not so much. However, now that it is on the Epic Pass, this may all change and with good reason. 

Seven Springs Ski Resort is Pennsylvania's largest ski resort and in more normal winters averages over 150" of snow. That's a snow total that you would be more accustomed to seeing in Vermont. For example, Mount Snow's average snowfall according to On The Snow is 131" per year. Why does Seven Springs get so much snow? It is fortunate enough to be located in an area that can capitalize on the beauty of lake-effect snow and this leads to regularly good winter conditions. 

Seven Springs Ski Resort in Pennsylvania

When Seven Springs Ski Resort has good snow the mountain is quite fun. Sure Seven Springs Ski Resort only offers up to 750 feet of vertical, but what you sacrifice in vertical you will gain in runs completed. 20-30 runs in a day are easily the norm if you are pushing yourself. Run totals like this can stack up your daily vert en masse and really make have you earning your après. Good thing for you the Foggy Goggle is ready and waiting to provide you with the après ski sustenance and fun you are looking for. 

If you haven't heard of the Foggy Goggle at Seven Springs Ski Resort, you must get out more. Consistently rated as one of the top après ski bars in the East, the Foggy Goggle has earned its legendary status for a variety of reasons that include these five. 

5 Reasons the Foggy Goggle at Seven Springs is Epic

Mountain Views From Inside and Out

 Seven Springs Ski Resort

Photo Credit: Seven Springs Mountain Resort

Walk out of the Seven Springs Main Lodge and you are instantly greeted by a sign that says "Foggy Brews." Ski down the front of the mountain under the Polar Bear of Cortina lift and you simply Cannot miss it. The Foggy Goggle is omnipresent at Seven Springs Ski Resort thanks to its prime location in the base area. 

A location as prominent as theirs makes the Foggy Goggle quite an attraction. On warm-ish days (and even on colder ones) the deck is an awesome spot to have a few brews with friends while basking in the sun. Like the overall bar itself, the deck is a good size and can really accommodate quite a crowd. 

Inside, the Foggy Goggle is even more massive, the majority of which is surrounded by windows that offer excellent views of the front of the mountain. This is obviously a nice touch for aesthetic reasons, but for parents looking to hang at après it provides another key advantage. With kids in the tweener age who are adventurous and want to go out on the mountain on their own, parents can allow them to do so while keeping a watchful eye from inside.

Time after time, my crew and I watched from the window as our group of kids snaked their way down the mountain in their bright-colored jackets and hopped back on either of the two aforementioned lifts. Being able to do so is a nice touch (intended or not) that makes The Foggy Goggle pretty awesome in my book. 

The Foggy Goggle has Multiple Bars 

The Foggy Goggle Seven Springs Ski Resort

Photo Credit: Seven Springs Mountain Resort

As previously mentioned, The Foggy Goggle is massive. So massive, that it includes multiple bars, a stage, a dance floor and even an area with axe-throwing lanes. I'll dive into a few more of these items later but for now let's start with the first one, multiple bars.

A bar as iconic as The Foggy Goggle can get pretty packed, especially during the high point of the ski season. The sheer size of the place helps disperse the après skiers throughout and can make it feel a lot less crowded than it is. However, even if it doesn't look like it, the people are still there and they will need a place to order their favorite après ski beverage. 

One thing about being as big as The Foggy Goggle is that it can not only accommodate a lot of people but also have a lot of bars in it. Four to be exact and these are not little rinky dink portable ones. They are four legit bars with multiple access points to order your food and drinks. Combine this with the massive amount of servers they have waiting tables and you will very rarely, be waiting to get served. 

Throwing Axes at The Foggy Goggle Axe House 

Foggy Goggle Axe House

Photo Credit: Seven Springs Mountain Resort

Yes, you read that right. The Foggy Goggle has an axe-throwing house within the bar. Now you may think that the idea of drinking a few beers and hurling sharp metal objects at a target after a day of skiing isn't a great idea, but it actually is. I assure you it is safe, it's an excellent way to wind down and a whole lot of fun. 

The eight lanes of the Foggy Goggle Axe House are in a completely separate area of the bar and away from the major crowds. Each lane can accommodate a party of up to six and reservations are recommended. Otherwise you are subject to first come first serve.

I'd understand completely if you didn't want to drink while throwing. However, if you are looking to improve your aim a bit, alcohol can be purchased at any one of the aforementioned bars. Drinks or not, the Foggy Goggle Axe House is something I've never seen before in an après ski bar and a unique and fun way to unwind after skiing. 

Dancing the Night Away at The Foggy Goggle

Toyota Takeover at The Foggy Goggle

Photo Credit: Seven Springs Mountain Resort

There is nothing like a good old après ski dance party - bonus points if your ski boots are still on - and the Foggy Goggle offers one up every weekend.

Complete with a dance floor and a stage, that area of the Foggy Goggle is centrally located and the place to be. It tends to get a bit more crowded than the other areas of the bar and the crew is young and lively. Just ask the massive dude I met in the University of Alabama sleeveless t-shirt, Roll Tide. Nonetheless, this area is where much of the action takes place and is prime for a good dance party. 

On weekends, there is usually a DJ or a band in the mid-afternoon for the après crowd and then another in the evening for those looking to party all night (they are open until 2 am). If you're staying at the resort, you can quite literally dance the night away.

All of the Above and Still Very Family Friendly

The Foggy Goggle Family Friendly

Multiple bars, axe throwing, dance parties 'til 2 am...that does not sound very family friendly but, trust me, there are plenty of families at The Foggy Goggle. As mentioned earlier, the place is massive. Therefore you can avoid the axe-throwing area and the crowds with ease. Simply head towards the back of the Foggy Goggle, closer to the Main Lodge entrance. There you will find more open space and the table service that a family requires. 

While there with the fam, I suggest ordering some food. The pretzels are always a big hit with the kiddos and excellent if they are looking to share. The wide assortment of wings is also a solid choice with the dry rub variation being our favorite. However, if you are really looking to take your food ordering to another level you must get the whole order of nachos (they come in whole or half). 

The Foggy Goggle Seven Springs Ski Resort

Photo Credit: Seven Springs Mountain Resort

Buyer beware, your group better bring a massive appetite because these are the largest I've ever seen. The tray is legitimately the size of a manhole cover and the chips are loaded with toppings. This ultimately makes their nachos a delicious option for large groups and a total head-turner as the server walks them over to your table. 

The Best Après Ski Attire for The Foggy Goggle

Apres Ski clothing

If you are headed to The Foggy Goggle at Seven Springs Ski Resort in Pennsylvania you must be sure to pack the proper après ski attire. Doing so is mandatory for a place as legendary as this. Therefore, there is no better option than our Certified Après Ski Instructor T-Shirt

Manhole size plates of nachos, axe throwing, and all-night dance parties until 2 am...if you can survive all of that in one day, then you certainly fit the criteria for a certified après ski instructor and should wear this one with pride. 

If you enjoy finding out about the best places to hang out on your next ski trip, like The Foggy Goggle, then our Après Ski Blog is for you. Sign up today and never miss another post. You won't be disappointed. 


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