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2 Killington Restaurants and Bars Offer Highly Unique Experiences

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2 Killington Restaurants and Bars Offer Highly Unique Experiences

Photo Credit: Chandler Burgess

Blog Post Updated on October 11, 2021

In an effort to expand their horizons and attract more than just skiers and snowboarders to the mountains, more and more resorts are offering dining experiences that are far beyond traditional. From beer-pairing dinners to rides in horse-drawn sleighs followed by meals cooked by the fireside, resorts are ushering in the next level of dining with an Avi bomb-like bang.

One such location offering next-level on-mountain dining is Killington Mountain Resort. Killington is known for its "beastly" skiing here in the East but also for having a lively après ski scene. There, the Motor Room Bar and Ledgewood Yurt are two Killington restaurants and bars with dining experiences as beastly as their ski mountain reputation. 

Elevated Killington Après Ski at the Motor Room Bar

Motor Room Bar Killington

Photo Credit: Chandler Burgess

I can remember taking the old Devil's Fiddle chair up as a kid. Peering over the safety bar at the cliff and the netting that kept would-be-gapers from flying off the side to their impending doom. It looked pretty gnarly, but much has changed since then.

What was Killington's very first four-person lift has ceased to exist. Ceased to exist, that is, except for its drive terminal which has been converted into one of the most unique après-ski bars in the high country. Cleared of all its machinery and offering 360-degree views of the Green Mountain State the Motor Room Bar is unrivaled in terms of its distinctive qualities.

Interior Motor Room Bar Killington

Photo Credit: Chandler Burgess

For anyone over the age of 21, you can hop on one of Killington's pimped out snow cats and ride up to the Motor Room. There, you'll climb up the stairs and into one of the most unique Killington restaurants or bar.

Once there, you'll be treated to a selection of hor d'oeuvres, up to two drinks, and expansive mountain views. Open regularly on Fridays and Saturdays throughout the season, it is required that you make a reservation to attend. You can also, simply book your own private party there on another day and enjoy this rare Killington après ski experience for yourself and your friends. 

Killington Restaurant Offers Dining With a Hint of Mongolian Culture

Ledgewood Yurt, Killington Resort

Photo Credit: Chandler Burgess

If you haven't seen the DIY show Love Yurts or studied the conquests of Kublai Khan then you may not know what a yurt is. However, this large, tent-like structure served the Mongolian nomads quite well as they roamed around central Asia conquering a large portion of the known world. Now, they are serving quite a different experience at ski resorts around the country. 

One example is the Ledgewood Yurt. This is hands down of Killington's best restaurants and bars. Looking for a decadent lunch in a social setting? The Ledgewood Yurt is the ultimate ski in ski out location. From heart warming soups to delicious smoked meats and frosty Vermont craft beer you'll immediately start to live by our All About Après mantra of nothing good happens on the slopes after 2 pm. 

However, if you are a last chair kind of person (I respect that) you can still experience the Ledgewood Yurt in all of its glory. Book one of their adult dinner excursions and be whisked away on a snow cat drawn sleigh to this trail side location where you'll enjoy a high end dining experience complete with five courses paired with the perfect drinks.

Trust me, whether it is lunch or dinner, your spirits will be high when dining here. It is the ultimate in Mongolian culture meets top shelf culinary experience out there and one of Killington's best restaurants and bars.  

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