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Jonny Moseley's Skitoberfest Will Have You Earning Your Après

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Jonny Moseley's Skitoberfest Will Have You Earning Your Après

Follow All About Après and you'll learn quickly that we are not a misnomer. We do, in fact, love the idea of gathering with friends post activity to share stories and make memories that will be recounted for a life time. However, it should not go overlooked that meetings like this do not come without some sort of activity beforehand. Skiing, Biking, working out...take your pick, but our après is most certainly earned.

No stranger to this very concept is legendary Olympic skier, the voice of Warren Miller Entertainment and après-skier extraordinaire Jonny Moseley. Being an Olympic gold medalist doesn't happen by accident and you can certainly still find him all winter shredding his home mountain of Squaw. What you don't see is that he is putting in work each off season to be able to still ski at the highest level. Training at the gym, running, yoga: it's all deadly. He's crushing it on the reg all while celebrating with a solid après sesh. This very notion is the exact theme of this weekend's Skitoberfest with Jonny Moseley and long time outdoor clothing and gear store, Peter Glenn

Train Like a Boss

Jonny Moseley workout

Photo Credit: Jonny Moseley's Instagram page. 

Billed as "a weekend of Mayhem with Jonny Moseley" it kicks off this Friday at the New Power Yoga Studio and culminates with Bloody Mary's at Moseley's Sports Bar on Sunday. Each day includes dry land training with Squaw Valley Ski Team Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Mark Dyer. He'll be taking you through some of the very workouts that Moseley and other top winter athletes do and you'll walk away with a written pre-season training program based on what you've learned. 

Don't Forget the Après 

Moseley's Sports Bar

Photo Credit: Moseley's Sports Bar Instagram Page

What's a good training session without the opportunity to talk about it with those who sweated through it with you? Boy are Jonny Moseley and Peter Glenn doing this right. Head over to Moseley's Sports Bar after your workouts finish up and enjoy the excellent variety of post-sweat activities they have in store for you. There will be athlete Q & A discussions with legendary big mountain skiers Scot Schmidt and Connery Lundin as well as Jonny and Bryan Allegretto, Co-Founder and Chief Forecaster at Open Snow.  They've even brought in everyone's favorite Squaw Valley bartender Mona for the entire weekend. She'll definitely be mixing up her famous bloodies on Sunday which is good because you'll probably need them after hanging late on Saturday night to watch The Great Bingo Revival play to benefit Ski for MS.

If this isn't an All About Après kind of weekend, I am not sure what is. Get out, train hard and afterward, celebrate with friends. I love it. My only regret is that I live across the country and that would be one hell of a commute each day to get there. But you definitely should. Enjoy!

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