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Ski Gear Review: Why The Ski Pack is a Gamechanger for Parents

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Ski Gear Review: Why The Ski Pack is a Gamechanger for Parents

 As a father of three girls, it has always been my dream to be a skiing family. After all, a family that skis together, stays together. 

That's how the saying goes, right? 

Skiing as a family fosters a lifetime of happiness. Although my kids are still relatively young, some of our fondest memories are from our ski vacations. There is just nothing better than skiing with them. I love it. There is, however, one exception. Children hate to carry their own ski gear nor do they want to. 

So who has two thumbs and ends up carrying his kids ski gear and his own? 

You guessed it. This guy!

Carrying all the Ski Gear Ruins the Fun

Any parent who has skied or snowboarded with their children has probably had the experience of schlepping multiple pairs of skis, boots and poles through the parking lot. It's an absolute nightmare. It's also something that will make you regret having kids or even teaching them to ski or ride. 

However, what if I told you that there was a solution to all of your ski gear for kids carrying issues? 

You may not believe me, but there is. It's called The Ski Pack and in this ski gear review, I'm going to tell you how it's simplicity and ease of use has been a total game changer and solved all of my kids ski gear carrying woes. 

Ski Gear Review: Overview of The Ski Pack

The Ski Pack

The Ski Pack, made by Pure Mountain Fun was inspired by two 10 year olds that just wanted to get to the mountain quicker to enjoy more time with the family. 

It sounds like their parents made them carry their own gear, (something my wife and I should have done) if you ask me. 

Nonetheless, whatever the reason, the end result was the INGENIOUS Ski Pack.

Designed with the goal of getting from the parking lot to the lifts without much hassle, The Ski Pack accomplishes its goals through a simple design and ease of use. 

The Key to Success is in the Design

The Ski Pack

Photo Credit: Pure Mountain Fun Instagram

The Ski Pack is the ultimate piece of ski gear for kids. Made with lightweight, tear-resistant material, it offers extremely durability without any of the added weight. 

Weighing in at an astounding 3 oz, this piece of kids ski gear is almost airy in nature. Being this light comes with certain advantages. First and foremost, there is very little added weight to the kids' already heavier skis. Second, although lightweight, the durable material can easily carry up to 100 pounds. Most adult skis don't even come close to weighing that amount so that is more than enough for your kids' skis.

The real key to The Ski Pack is that this material, although strong, is also quite malleable. Once done carrying the skis, the pack can easily be folded and stashed in a jacket pocket or even a backpack that a parent might be wearing for the day. 

Design accommodations like this are crucial to the success of the children using them and the parents having to carry The Ski Pack for the remainder of the day. 

The Ski Pack is Super Easy to Use

The Ski Pack Review

Photo Credit: Pure Mountain Fun Instagram

Beyond the added benefits of the lightweight durable material, The Ski Pack is also easy to use. Much like any other backpack, there is a wide opening in the top of the pack that closes with a cinch string. 

Slide the skis through the opening in the top then through the reinforced opening in the bottom and pull the cinch tight. The skis are then held vertically in place by the bindings which are anchored against the smaller opening in the bottom. 

When wearing The Ski Pack, slip it on like a regular ski backpack and pull the adjustable shoulder straps tight so the bag itself does not sag. Sitting snugly against your child's back, they can then take off on their merry way with no more complaints of their skis being too heavy or awkward to carry. 

Check out this video I put up on Instagram showing how easy it is to use. 

The One Piece of Ski Gear for Kids All Parents Should Buy

Let's face it, skiing together as a family can produce a lifetime of positive memories. This, of course, excludes the memory of you as a parent having to carry all of your children's ski gear, plus your own. 

That's not a memory. That's a nightmare!

The Ski Pack solves this awful conundrum. The lightweight durable material can hold up to 100 lbs of weight while still being able to fold up and be stored conveniently in your pocket. 

It is also really easy to use. Slide your child's skis right in the top and out the bottom and cinch the top tight. Put it on like a regular backpack, tighten the shoulder straps and it's off to the races. With a design this good and such ease of use, The Ski Pack in the one piece of ski gear all parents should invest in. 

Don't Forget Your Après Ski Clothes

Après ski for kids? Of course! My girls are not only advocates of The Ski Pack but they are also junior champions of après ski. They love a good hot chocolate to warm themselves up after a day of skiing in the cold. 

Speaking of warming up, they also know the benefits of a great après ski beanie, like our Après All Day Ski Beanie. Thick, but not too thick, this comfortable and warm beanie is the perfect complement to a warm fire and a nice cup of hot cocoa. 

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