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The Five Best Beers to Pair With Your Halloween Candy

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The Five Best Beers to Pair With Your Halloween Candy

Photo Credit: Photo sourced from New Belgium Brewing's Instagram Page

A day devoted to costumes and candy, Halloween has always been about and for the kids. However, recent trends suggest that parents are just as into it as well these days. If your neighborhood is anything like mine, you have probably started to see more and more adults rolling around a cooler of some sort filled with adults only beverages, particularly craft beer. And, why shouldn't they enjoy themselves too. Beer pairs surprisingly well with your favorite Halloween candy, providing you do it right. Here are our best suggestions to help make sure that you do. Happy Trick of Treating. Cheers!

Snickers with New Belgium Abbey Belgian Style Dubbel

With chocolate, nougat, caramel and peanuts, Snickers has a lot going on. Therefore, you must pair this classic candy with a beer that has the complexity to stand up to it. The Abbey from New Belgium fits the bill. Caramel and chocolaty malt based flavors will pair well with similar notes from the Snickers and since it is not too sweet, it won't go overboard and wreck your taste buds.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups with Duclaw Sweet Baby Jesus

Duclaw Sweet Baby Jesus

Photo Credit: Photo sourced from Duclaw Brewing Company's Instagram Page

I'm a huge fan of like with like, thus the pairing here between these two chocolaty peanut butter delights. Not too sweet with hints of chocolate, coffee and peanut butter, Sweet Baby Jesus is the way to go. Rich and flavorful, this is a marriage of peanut butter and chocolate that will have your taste buds craving more

Hershey's Bar with New Holland The Poet

New Holland Brewing The Poet

Photo Credit: Photo sourced from New Holland Brewing's Instagram Page

The Poet, a delicious oatmeal stout is the perfect partner for this classic of all classics, a Hershey Bar. Chocolate and creamy, the Hershey bar needs something similar in a beer. The Poet,will work really well. Creamy from the oatmeal and chocolaty from the roasted malts, its similar characteristics are crucial to making this partnership work. Plus it has an Edgar Allen Poe reference and that screams Halloween. 

Kit Kat with Telluride Face Down Brown

Telluride Brewing Face Down Brown

Photo Credit: Photo sourced from Telluride Brewing Company's Instagram Page

These chocolate wafers need some nuttiness in their lives. No matter which one you decide to eat first, the right or the left, pair it with one of my favorite après ski themed beers, Face Down Brown. Chocolate, toffee and, most importantly, nut flavors is what this delicious hybrid brown ale brings to the table. Just be sure not to have too many (if such an idea exists) or you'll end up face planting in someone lawn like the guy on the can. 

Twix with Allagash White

Allagash White

Photo Credit: Photo sourced from Allagash Brewing Company's Instagram Page

Cookies and caramel, yum! But where do you go with this pairing? Brighten those cookies up with a lighter wheat beer. In this situation, I'd recommend one of my favorites, Allagash White. Easy to drink and well balanced the orange notes will go down super easy when combined with those tasty caramel cookies. 


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