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Quick and Crafty Brew Review: Industrial Arts Brewing, Metric Pilsner

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Quick and Crafty Brew Review: Industrial Arts Brewing, Metric Pilsner


Industrial Arts Brewing - Garnerville, NY

A traditional German Pilsner in every sense. Very true to style, Metric is sweet with a bready taste initially. This gives way to citrus notes, particularly lime all of which is balanced out well with the hop presence. Overall, at 4.7 percent it is an excellent summer beer that pairs well with grilled meats, warm weather and good friends. 

Quick and Crafty Brew Review Industrial Art Brewing, Metric Transcription: 

Hi everybody this is Rich with All About Apres coming to you with this week's quick and crafty brew review. Remember, no BS, just beer. We're telling you what we're drinking and why we're drinking it.

It's Memorial Day weekend and that's why I'm rocking our Distressed American Flag shirt and that means it's the unofficial start to summer. So what we're looking for is beers that are a little bit lighter but not light in flavor. So this week I grabbed some Metric from one of my favorite breweries located in Rockland County, Industrial Arts. I’m a big fan of their Wrench Double IPA but I'm also I also like this Metric because it’s a pilsner and again it's a little bit lighter for the summer, 4.7 percent alcohol when you're grilling you want something that's light and easy drinking.

It's a traditional German style pils. It's a little sweet, bready, kind of, up front with, almost, a little bit of lime citrus flavor to it. But really well balanced out by the hops.

This Metric from Industrial Arts is no BS man. It's pretty killer. It's legit and when you're grilling some burgers over the hot grill this summer, I would definitely wash them down a little bit of metric. It's the gold standard. Cheers! It's all downhill from here.


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