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New Farmhouse  Brewery Will Have You Drinking From the Source

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New Farmhouse Brewery Will Have You Drinking From the Source

There aren't many breweries in the northern Jersey Shore area that come around without me knowing. They are popping up these days like Dunkin' Donuts in the 90's and, what can I say, I enjoy a good craft beer or two. This enjoyment multiplies when it comes to drinking local with family and friends. I'm all over it! So when I heard rumors well over a year ago that a new farm brewery called Source Brewing would be opening in Colts Neck, right next to the famed Delicious Orchards, I was pretty pumped. My interests became even more piqued when the news broke that the co-owner was Philip Petracca, founder of the revolutionary, Shark Tank endorsed product Fizzics, along with his partner, Greg Taylor, the former brewer at renowned Weyerbacher Brewing. So I did would any good social media maven would do, I clicked follow and watched their journey on the gram.

Source Brewing

Throughout the well over a year process, I couldn't help but think to myself, "damn, if their beers taste half as good as they look in the pictures, this place is going to be awesome." Not to mention that the photos and videos of the brewery itself looked equally amazing. Waiting for Source's opening was long and exciting but that anticipation was finally realized when I attended their pre-launch Origins Party this past weekend. Let's just say that the pictures, as good as they were, did not do it any justice. Source brewing is better than advertised and with their creative craft beer and rustically spacious setting it a is destined to be a fixture in the community for quite some time. 

Renovated Dairy Farm Delivers Authentic Farmhouse Experience

Source Brewing

"Beer can have a personality, tell a story, wow the senses, and bring people together. Small independent breweries often becomes the fabric knitting a local community together." Seems like something one of the founding fathers of our country would have uttered in an ale house a couple of centuries ago, but it's not. This is word for word from the Source Brewing website who is set to host their grand opening this Saturday. Housed is a newly renovated 150 year old farmhouse with sprawling ceilings, reclaimed barnwood decor and an outdoor biergarten and upstairs balcony visitors are instantly taken by how cool this place truly is. In fact, when I asked brewer Jeremy Watts, formerly of Carton Brewing, what prompted him to leave his previous employer and join the team at Source, his response was simple, "I walked in, took one look and knew this is where I wanted to work."

Source Brewing

What was once a run down dairy farm has now been brought up to code and converted into something that would normally see on a HGTV show. "A historic farmhouse for the home of Source was a must, says Phil Petracca, as the authenticity in how we craft and deliver the farmhouse experience is of paramount importance." Without losing any authenticity they have stayed true to their vision as the rustic, yet modern setting sucks you in from the moment you get there and will have you not wanting to leave. The long communal barnwood tables promote friendship and conversation that will certainly spill over onto the outdoor biergarten patio where you can take in the surrounding landscape while playing cornhole, bocce and more games that they have planned for the future. 

Source Brewing

Source Brewing's Creative Farm-To-Glass Craft Beer Elevates Communal Experience

Source BrewingSource Brewing

An atmosphere like this is only enhanced by good beer and Source has that going for them too. Being on point with the atmosphere on opening night is one thing, but it's pretty tough to be dialed in on all of your beers when you first open up. That takes time, but lucky for them, Source had that on their side. Remember this was about two years in the making so they have been experimentally brewing for a while. They also had experience...a lot of experience. Head brewer, Greg Taylor brewed at Weyerbacher and Jeremy Watts at Carton, neither of which is any slouch when it comes to the craft brewery world. So it came as no surprise that the seven beers they were offering that night were pretty damn good. Their Source of Darkness stout is as good as I have had in a long time and will most certainly be used as a base to experiment with barrel aging, coffee and more. 

Source BrewingSource Brewing

The Hoppy Farmhouse Saison was also fantastic, delivering on a lemony pear flavored taste explosion. I could go on, especially about the New Zealand Pilsner which reminded me of one of my favorite day drinking beers, Zero Gravity's Green State Lager. But honestly, they were all good and will only continue to get better as they establish more relationships with local farmers and experiment with new and exciting flavors. Petracca elaborates, "the focus of our beers is farm-to-glass, so Colts Neck was selected based on the strong agricultural foundation and access to local ingredients." These type of relationships are a major part of the story that Source is looking to create with their communal atmosphere that is strengthened by good craft beer. 

Source Brewing Tells a Story of Community

Phil Petracca, Fizzics, Source BrewingJeremy Watts Source Brewing

Community, gathering with loved ones, drinking good craft beer and sharing stories sounds a lot like out mantra here at All About Apres. There is nothing better than sharing a pint with friends after a day at work, a long bike ride, driving home from the beach...whatever your passion is. And when that beer is brewed locally with local ingredients in a chic, rustic farmhouse setting, you are sure to be drawn in to drink from the source as you linger, chat and become a part of the community that the team at Source Brewing is well on their way to creating. 


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