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Craft Beer Review: Top 10 East Coast Après Ski Beers

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Craft Beer Review: Top 10 East Coast Après Ski Beers

I originally wrote Our Favorite East Coast Après Brew-Skis back in 2018. Since that time is has been one the most consistently read posts on our craft beer blog. Our readers along with many others love a good craft beer. This is especially true when it comes to après ski. Given the popularity of this post, I figured that it was time for a new version. Don't get me wrong, the original list has some really great beers on it. You should definitely give all of them a try but it's been a minute and the time for a new ski beer list has come.

Since 2018 I have been spoiled when it comes to my craft beer experience. As a regular skier at Mount Snow I have been fortunate enough to taste many (and I do mean many) excellent beers here on the east coast. In fact, I've documented this on many occasions on my craft beer blog and maintain that no one does a better job with their craft beer selection than Mount Snow. As a result, of my extensive research, I felt compelled to update the original list and enlighten the world with our new Top 10 East Coast Après Ski Beers.

First Drop - American Pale Ale

Upper Pass Beer Company

Upper Pass First Drop

This pale ale has some oomph. It's from Vermont, would you expect anything less? Of course not, yet despite packing a flavor punch, at only 5.9% abv it's highly drinkable. A moderately sweet pale ale thanks to a malty almost crackerlike backbone it balances quit well with the fruit suggestions of mango and grapefruit. Full bodied flavor, yet lower in alcohol you simply cannot go wrong dropping into this selection. 

Dolla Dolla Pilz - Pilsner

Four Quarters Brewing

Four Quarters Brewing Dolla Dolla Pilz

Photo Credit: Four Quarters Brewing Instagram

I like a good pilsner after a hard charging day on the mountain. Crisp and refreshing it's an excellent style to choose après ski. That said, you won't be disappointed in Four Quarters Dolla Dolla Pilz. This hoppy pilsner has a sweet biscuit flavor balanced by lemon and a grassy hop finish. Creamy, smooth and sessionable, you are sure to reach for more than one.

Elaborate Metaphor - Pale Ale

Burlington Beer Company

Burlington Beer Company Elaborate Metaphor

Photo Credit: Burlington Beer Co. Instagram 

BBCo is slowly positioning themselves among the great breweries in an already impressive Vermont beer scene. Although they have many excellent beers to choose from, I'm a fan of the flavorful yet drinkable Elaborate Metaphor. Citrus hop notes with a little bit of dankness and an herbaceous finish it's almost a hybrid between a New England IPA and a pale ale. Totally full of hoppy goodness without the high abv...who knows maybe that, in and of itself, is the elaborate metaphor here. 

Ponyboy - New England IPA

Frost Beer Works

Frost Beer Ponyboy

I always like to feature at least one recommendation from the All About Après Ski Team in my lists. This one comes from my Mount Snow partner in crime Jay Logan who has sampled his fair share of beers at Canned right alongside me. Clean, crisp notes of pine with a touch of grapefruit pith that balances with the toasty malts makes Ponyboy a solid choice to pair with those sore feet and a bowl of chili. 

Conehead - IPA

Zero Gravity Craft Brewery

Zero Gravity Conehead IPA

Photo Credit: Zero Gravity Craft Brewery Instagram

Truth be told, I could have filled this list with beers from Zero Gravity Brewing. Green State Lager, Little Wolf, Extra Stout, Bing Bing...they just don't make a bad beer and I consume many of them. I had to choose though and this time around I'm going with Conehead. Bright but not overly aggressive when it comes to hops, the citrus notes of orange and grapefruit balance perfectly with the mildly sweet malt backbone. Light, flavorful and juicy it's the beer that you reach for it every time you hit the bar. 

Fiddlehead IPA

Fiddlehead Brewing Company

Fiddlehead IPA

Photo Credit: Fiddlehead Brewing Instagram

There are a lot of great IPAs out there but Fiddlehead IPA is my favorite. It starts off bright and juicy with notes of pithy citrus and an herbal presence that cascades over your tongue like floating through pow. The citrus is follow by a slight bitter presence and a touch of pine that highlights the finish. Overall, it's well balanced and not overdone in any one aspect. You'll love this one for it's approachability and flavor. 

Black Bear Stout

Barrington Brewery

Barrington Brewery Black Bear Stout

Photo Credit: Barrington Brewery Instagram

Barrington Brewery is an après ski hotspot if you are skiing at Butternut in the Berkshires and they know how to make great beer. Their stout is my favorite! It encompasses everything that you'd expect from a great stout. Roasted coffee with sweet chocolate hit your nose first then creamily flood your taste buds from start to finish. Quaffable and flavorful, it's an absolute must if you are skiing in that region. 

Lunch - IPA

Maine Beer Company

Maine Beer Company Lunch

Photo Credit Maine Beer Company Instagram

I don't always drink 7% IPAs après ski but when I do, it's Maine Beer Co's Lunch. You don't expect this beer to be as light as it is and maybe that's the danger in it. Lunch drinks more like a pale ale but is packed with juicy orange and stone fruit notes making it absolutely delicious. Be warned though. If you start drinking Lunch at lunch you probably won't ski much that afternoon. 

Blueberry Wheat Ale 

Ellicottville Brewing Company

Ellicottville Brewing Blueberry Wheat Ale

Photo Credit: Ellicottville Brewing Instagram

I don't love fruit in my beer. The sweetness is just not for me. However, I have come across very few breweries that do fruit beers as well as EBC. That said, when I first ordered their wheat ale, I did so hesitantly. Now, if it's on tap, I'll order it all the time. It's about as light and refreshing as they come. The blueberry flavor is subtle and plays perfectly with the general nature of the wheat ale. Plus when served on tap, the garnish of fresh blueberries is a very nice touch. 

Hayburner - IPA

Big Ditch Brewing 

Big Ditch Brewing Hayburner

I first had this rock solid IPA at the Pine Junction Tavern (a must stop if you are anywhere near Chautauqua, NY) and have been hooked ever since. Hop forward with a huge orange and grapefruit punch, it mellows out with a creamy mouthfeel and a light pine finish. Easy drinking for an IPA of this caliber it's an excellent choice all day every day. 



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