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Our Favorite East Coast Après Brew-Skis

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Our Favorite East Coast Après Brew-Skis

Revised on October 15, 2020

Last week we put out our 2018 Top 10 favorite Après Ski Beers in the West. Although I love the West and there are some really great beers out there I am an East Coast Skier at heart. Born from ice, as Ski the East likes to say, I do the majority of my skiing here on the ice coast and have sampled more than my fair share of beers at après. So many that it was tough to whittle it down to 10 of my favorites. But, with much research (drinking) I got by with a little help from my friends and compiled a list of our favorite East Coast après ski beers. 

10 Craft Beers Approved for Après Ski

Switchback Ale 5.0% ABV

Switchback Ale Best Apres Ski Beers

Photo courtesy of Switchback Brewing Company

The true icon of Vermont après ski beers and when all else fails, my go to brew. A well-balanced amber ale that is simple yet tasty. Filled with flavors of caramel and biscuits it is a refreshing and delicious treat after a day on the slopes. This craft beer is sure to take your après ski activities from good to great. 

Zero Gravity Green State Lager 4.9% ABV

Zero Gravity Green State Lager

Green State is my go-to apres anything beer. A simple lager whose light grain profile provides a mild sweetness that finishes with a subtle pepper kick. Enjoy this beer anywhere from your tailgate to the bar. It will not disappoint at all. 

Long Trail Brewery Citrus Limbo IPA 7.6% ABV

Longtrail Brewing Citrus Limbo

Photo courtesy of Long Trail Brewing Company

This one comes from our friends at Ski Bum Podcast who are big Killington Mountain fans. So it is no surprise that they choose a beer that is made from Killington snow runoff. They say it tastes like Vermont and a little kiss of citrus which is the universe letting you know they´ve got your back. This craft beer is exactly what you need if you’re looking for something fresh and tasty to sip on that will perfectly compliment your good time.

Woodstock Inn Brewery Frosty Goggles 5.0% ABV

Woodstock inn brewery frosty goggles

An easy drinking almost red ale that is perfect for après shred. Biscuit, caramel and toffee flavors hit you up front and finish with a mild bitterness and traces of pine. Enjoy this frosty beer while you kick back, relax and let your goggles defrost. This beer definitely hits the right nerves through the cold winter season and will leave you and your taste buds feeling warm and satisfied. 

New School Trucker Hat    If you don't apres ski tee

Lord Hobo Brewing Company Hobo Life 4.5%

Lord Hobo Brewing Hobo Life

Photo courtesy of Lord Hobo Brewing

If you’re sessioning après ski, then this session IPA is a good one to reach for. I really enjoy the taste of orange and grapefruit from the Citra hops that dominates this beer. If you're into Citra bombs then you need to start living the Hobo Life. Your taste buds will be thanking you after you sip on one (or many!) of these delicious brews after a long, exhausting day on the mountain.

Frost Beer Works Pony Boy Ale 5.5% ABV

This favorite comes from All About Après Ski Team member and Vermont beer connoisseur, Jay Logan. Pony Boy is a solid, medium-bodied American Pale Ale with a fairly sessionable quality to it. The flavor is sweet, tasting of grapefruit but well balanced with a slightly bitter finish. Our team has a healthy obsession with good times and good craft brews so you’ll definitely notice that in Pony Boy.

Ellicottville Brewing Company Ski Bum 6% ABV

Ellicottville Brewing Company Ski Bum

How do I not include a beer with the name Ski Bum on this list? Paying homage to all those who actually quit their jobs, moved to a mountain town and are living the Ski Bum lifestyle, Ski Bum delivers a knock out punch of hops. A true hop bomb, you get some serious citrus and piney notes with this post pow delight. 

Narragansett Lager 5% ABV

Naragansett Lager

When all else fails, I reach for a 'Gansett tallboy. It's just not possible to overlook a beer that is made on honor and sold on merit, right? This lager is what it is. Nothing over the top, just a refreshingly tasty, inexpensive option for après. It creates a new and higher standard for ‘ol reliable’ and we are here for it.

Von Trapp Golden Helles 4.9% ABV

Von Trapp Brewery Golden Helles

Picture courtesy of Von Trapp Brewing

This is a craft beer that you can definitely drink copious amounts of. Helles is German for Bright and that is exactly what this beer is. A medium bodied blend of malty sweetness and spicy hops that will have you craving more. This beer will definitely get you through a long apres ski session.

Magic Hat Single Chair Golden Ale 5% Abv

Magic Hat Single Chair

Named after and brewed for the iconic single chair at Mad River Glen this beer is one of my favorites from Magic Hat. As easy drinking as they come and very smooth, this refreshing beer will keep you company on your solo trip up the single chair. 

We hope that our favorite East Coast Apres Ski beers have not only inspired you to try some (or all) of them, but also inspired you to share some of your favorites below in the comments. If you need something stylish and practical to carry your precious cargo in, check out our Custom Wood 6-Pack Carrier. Includes attached bottle opener and magnetic bottle cap catcher on the side. Each piece is unique. Come back to our All About Apres Ski Craft Beer Blog, Wine Blog and Spirits Blog for the latest and greatest in craft brews and where you can enjoy them apres ski!


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