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Park City Breaks Longest Shot Ski Record. Ball is Now in Your Court Breckenridge.

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Park City Breaks Longest Shot Ski Record. Ball is Now in Your Court Breckenridge.

If you follow my Instagram page @allaboutapres you know that we are a big fan of our Good Times Shot Ski, a collab that we did last winter with Facet Skis. Winter, spring, summer or fall, if there's a party or even a small gathering, the shot ski is waxed up and ready to roll. Whether it's in the backyard at a BBQ or at a bar during apres-ski the shot ski is the ultimate friend maker. It's been bringing people together since its inception and when it comes off the shelf, it's always a good time. 

This past weekend the people of Park City (1,275 to be exact) in conjunction with the Park City Sunrise Rotary Club and sponsored by High West Distillery capitalized on this enjoyment and set the record for longest communal shot ski. A record that they previously held at 1,250 people until Breckenridge broke it last January with 1,266. Set on historic Main St and now in its third year, the event included a charity component where proceeds are donated to 20 community programs through the Rotary Club's grant program. Afterward, participants were invited to any of the participating bars/restaurants where they received a signature drink made with High West whiskey. 

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At this point, the shot (ski) is back in Breckenridge's side of the court, so to speak as I am sure that they will have an equal to greater number of participants lined up at their Ullr Fest in January 2019. Only time will tell, but right now Park City stands alone on top of the shot ski mountain. 

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