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A Caravan to WonderGrass You Will Definitely Want to Join

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A Caravan to WonderGrass You Will Definitely Want to Join

I have been to a few festivals in my day but nothing compares to the WinterWonderGrass Music and Brew Festival that I attended in its inaugural appearance last year at Stratton Mountain Resort. The very idea of music and beer centered around community is highly appealing to begin with but when you are actually there experiencing it, it is next level. I met so many people from all over the country that weekend, sharing stories and tasting delicious local beers while listening to some of the best Bluegrass bands around. But it wasn't only my wife and I that thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. So did our three young daughters who, to this day, ask when we are going back. WinterWonderGrass is just that good and now it is only getting better as they just announced its Caravan to WonderGrass campaign ahead of the 2020 season. 


Photo Credit: WinterWonderGrass

Curating Community with A Caravan to WonderGrass

The Caravan to WonderGrass series will kick off at this year's Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO on October 3rd, stopping in Tahoe City and Truckee, CA over three days before the culminating event happens on October 26th in Manchester, VT.

Caravan to WonderGrass aims to curate intimate, pop-up events in the festival’s host states–namely Colorado, California and Vermont–to produce gatherings that celebrate both the release of the annual festival lineups, while also offering an opportunity to connect more deeply with the local community. A “caravan,” after all, is defined as, “a group of people, especially traders or pilgrims, traveling together,” and with three national locations to its name, WinterWonderGrass, and the events leading up to it, embody just that.

Photo Credit: WinterWonderGrass

“The journey is often the greatest part of the adventure–the anticipation, the allure of reconnection, the enthusiasm and camaraderie,” WinterWonderGrass founder, Scotty Stoughton, shares about the Caravan concept. He elaborates, “We absolutely love the communities where WinterWonderGrass has found a home over the years, and we enjoy spending more time connecting with the culture of each of these unique villages. Part of our mission during the Caravan events is to highlight the incredible local food, talent, farms, train depots and lakeside porches inherent in each community, and use them to welcome the next iteration of WinterWonderGrass each year.”

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Unique Music, Food and Beverage Experiences Highlight Each Location


Photo Credit: WinterWonderGrass

Each location will have its own unique experiences with the ultimate goal of continuing to build and showcase each community's specific music, food and beer scene. 

Highlights Include:

Tickets for Caravan To WonderGrass Available Now

A limited quantity of fee-free tickets to WinterWonderGrass festival stops will be available for purchase during all Caravan to WonderGrass events. For tickets and more information on specific Caravan events, please visit Caravan to WonderGrass.

WinterWonderGrass will go on sale Thursday, October 3, 2019, at 10:00 am MST with all 2020 events including Steamboat Springs, CO (February 21-23)Squaw Valley, CA (March 27-29) and Stratton, VT (April 10 & 11). The lineup announcement will take place the same day.


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