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Enhance Your Dog's Après  Experience With Gear From Yeti

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Enhance Your Dog's Après Experience With Gear From Yeti

Yeti Trailhead Bed and Yeti Boomer Bowl Will Make You Your Dog's Hero

Hello everybody I'm Rich Stoner back with another All About Apres Report, the show where we bring you the best places to play both on off the mountain plus all the food, beer, gear and more to help make it epic

I'm here with my buddy Scout today. He joined our family about two weeks ago he is a Bernadoodle. I know how much the ski community loves dogs, as do we,  so Scout has been a fun little addition to the family. But once we got Scout,  our good buddies over at Yeti decided to hook us up with a couple of products: one, the Trailhead dog bed and two, the Boomer Bowls. Scout seems to like both of them, a lot.

Multiple Features Make the Yeti Trailhead Bed Worth It

Yeti Trailhead Bed

We'll start with taking a look at this bed here. This thing is pretty sweet. Yeti is usually known for coolers and rugged cups and stuff like that and, true to style, this bed looks as durable as some of their coolers. What I think the coolest component is, is that it's actually two pieces. So while we're at home, as you can see, right buddy. As you can see, he kind of enjoys laying inside this inserted area here. Usually he'll put his head down on top of this part here, when he's not scratching his ear.

Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed

However, that's home base, if we were to go on the road and say we don't want to bring the whole bed with us up here we can actually take this inside out and there's a little mat that we can bring along with us. What's cool about it is this mat has almost a rubbery texture to the bottom so it really doesn't slide very well on the floor. So if he wanted to he could just lay on that. It also fits really well in his crate, so if we wanted to take the crate with us throw this in there and this thing is perfect. For now while we hang out at home he's going to stay here and much prefers to sit inside of this and lay his head on top of that bumper.

For cleaning purposes there are a couple of zippers on the side here that allow us to take the foam out, throw the liner in the washing machine and this thing should stay looking as good as new for probably as long as we have the big guy over there.

Yeti Boomer Bowl Delivers on Multiple Features

Yeti Boomer Dog Bowls

On the other hand, Scout loves his Boomer dog bowls and why shouldn't he,either? They're also pretty sweet. True to style, these things are rugged and durable like most Yetis are. I like the rough outer look which for a dog is great. He's not going to really jack it all up and scratch it all up.

I think the coolest feature is that on the bottom is you have these rubber non-slip rings that, ultimately, if he were eating he's not going to be able to push that bowl around. So it's going to stay put. He seems to like it. They both hold about eight cups of food and water, etc which is a decent amount. He's going to be a pretty big boy, probably 85 to 100 pounds, so I imagine when it gets bigger we'll have to fill these up a little bit more.

Yeti Boomer Dog Bowls

Yeti Boomer Bowl And Yeti Trailhead Bed: Rugged, Durable and Worth It

True to style, Yeti has broken into the dog accessory market pretty well. They've made a pretty rugged, durable bowl that Scout seems to love. They've made a rugged, durable bed that Scout seems to love too. They're both high-end products. These are about 50 bucks each. This is about 399-400 dollars. So they're on the upper echelon, the upper end of the price range. But they are quality products, which is basically what you've come to expect from Yeti.

Hungry huh buddy?

So remember guys if you like what you saw, go ahead and click that like button down below and feel free to share with your friends. Until then, it's all downhill from here. Cheers!

Right bud? No we're just going to keep eating these.





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