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Watch: Look Bindings & Pit Viper's New Movie Has it All

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Watch: Look Bindings & Pit Viper's New Movie Has it All

*Lead Photo Credit: Look Bindings

Let's face it, today's ski movies are great. In the fall, watching them is an annual right of passage that sends us into the ski season. Throughout the winter, it is not uncommon to hit up an apres-ski bar with a ski movie or two set to loop on the big screen. Those ski porn-esque movies are mesmerizing. The steepest steeps, the deepest pow, the sickest is hard to find yourself not staring at the screen.

Skiing prowess like this is the stuff of legends, but what about the ski movies of old?

Ski Patrol, Ski School, Out Cold, Hot Dog, Better off Dead; those are legendary in their own right and unless you count Will Ferrell's silly attempt at a ski movie called Downhill, we haven't had a good one in a long time.

That is until now. 

Look Bindings, creators of the high performing Look Pivot Bindings and the widely popular Pit Viper Sunglasses company have joined forces to create a short film reminiscent of the ski movies of the past. 

Look Bindings & Pit Viper's Host The International Pro Skier Tryouts

Photo Credit: Look Bindings

Look Bindings and Pit Viper are back with a new movie, The International Pro Skier Tryouts. This isn't just any movie though. It's a competition where those who ski the fastest, jump the highest and send the most extreme lines on the mountain become, not only, local legends, but enter the hallowed ranks of "Pro Skier."

The best part is that it has all that you would expect from an epic ski movie from the past: retro outfits, a good-old Rocky-esque training montage, jumps, flips, twists, skinny skis, and a MAJOR plot twist!

It has your villains. It has your washed-up heroes. It even has a scene oddly similar to The Chinese Downhill from Hot Dog. This movie is as good as it gets and is certain to have you wanting to rock that onesie from the 80s, put on a pair of Pit Viper sunglasses and try out for yourself.

The Perfect Après Ski Clothes to Match Your Look Bindings and Pit Vipers

If you plan to compete in the International Pro Skier Tryouts, I imagine the après ski party will be as legendary as the race itself. Be prepared with the right après ski clothes, like out Straight Outta Après Hoodie. Comfortable, warm and full of instant street cred you're certain to be the talk of the party. 

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