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Day Trippin' With the Yeti Day Trip Lunch Bag

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Day Trippin' With the Yeti Day Trip Lunch Bag

* Updated on July 29, 2021

Yeti Day Trip Lunch Bag Review

In today's episode of the All About Apres Report I'm giving you an in-depth look at the Yeti Day Trip lunch bag. 

I know where you're thinking...Rich, seriously, a freaking lunch bag?

Yup, I'm actually doing a Yeti Day Tip lunch bag review.

Why? Because it's a lunch bag by Yeti.

If you know anything about Yeti and you've ever had any of their products, you know they're legit. You know they're gonna keep your stuff as cold as you possibly want it for as long as you possibly want it. Just like my Yeti 65 cooler here that I'm sitting on. It keeps my beers cold for four or five, maybe even six days at a time.

My First Impression of the Yeti Day Trip Lunch Bag

Yeti Day Trip Lunch Bag

My first impression of the Yeti Day Trip Lunch Box is how durable it is. The feel of it, is just rugged. It feels like you could toss it around a worksite with little to no wear and tear.

You know what I mean, rub it on some concrete and it would still look as good as new.

Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration but you get my point. 

The Yeti Day Trip Lunch Box is Quite Large

Beyond my initial impression of the durability of the Yeti Day Tip Lunch bag's durability, I really like the clasp it has. It slides in an out of these little little rungs on the side, making the Yeti Day Trip easy to open a close.

When you open it up and it's full height it's about 8 and 3/4 by 13 3/4 I think 5 and 3/4 across the bottom. 

Yeti Day Trip lunch bag

So I'm thinking you could probably fit a soda, some chips and a sub pretty easily. Remember, this isn't really your regular brown lunch bag. They Yeti Day Trip lunch bag will have your food as cold at lunch time as it was when you put it in there in the morning.

The Yeti Day Trip Lunch Bag Folds Up

Yeti Day Trip Lunch bag

Another cool feature about the Yeti Day Trip Lunch bag is that it folds up and  breaks down into a nice flat little package. Having feature like this is key because the smaller size makes the Yeti Day Trip easy to carry after you've eaten your lunch.

When folded, the Day Trip not longer looks like a lunch bag. It is actually flat like an envelope, ultimately making it easier to throw in your backpack without taking up a ton of room.

The handle on the top is also a nice feature. Having a handle gives the Yeti Day Trip the look and feel of a traditional lunch box and makes it very easy to carry. 

Can the Yeti Day Trip Lunch Bag Carry a 6 Pack of Craft Beer? 

Yeti Day Trip Lunch Bag

One of the the best things that I heard about the Yeti Day Trip is that there's the potential it can hold at least a six-pack of craft beer.

This is HUGE if you're into liquid lunches. 

Good news! If you watched the video above, you know that the rumors have been confirmed. I was able to fit a six pack of, one of my favorite beers on the planet, Bell's Brewing Oberon in the lunch bag with ease.   

Having the ability to fit an entire 6-pack in the Yeti Day Trip makes this lunch box even better.

You know we're All About Apres.

We're all about celebrating the good life.

We can pack our beers in our little Day Trip. Go to the beach. Go for a hike. Throw it in our backpack if we're going biking. Then, when we're done and it's time for après we can hang out with our friends and crack open a few cold beers. 

Yeti Day Trip Lunch Box Review is Nothing But Positive

As you can tell based on my Yeti Day Trip Lunch Bag Review, I'm really digging it. The size is perfect for what you need. Its super durable. And because it's made by Yeti, the Day Trip is going to keep your lunch super cold for as long as you need it to.

The Day Trip is no brown bag, this is a real Yeti lunchbox. It is equally as good when you're working on the job as it is while hanging at the beach. You can even just throw some beers in it and enjoy après after your next adventure. 

Bottom line is if you are looking for a durable lunch bag to fill multiple needs, then the Yeti Day Trip is the way to go. 

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