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Day Trippin' With the New Yeti Day Trip Lunch Bag

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Day Trippin' With the New Yeti Day Trip Lunch Bag

What's up everybody this is Rich with All About Apres coming to you with another All About Apres Report. This is the show where we give you the best places to play both on and off the mountain plus all the food, beer, gear and more to help make it epic.

Today we're gonna review a new product by Yeti called the Yeti Day Trip. I know where you're thinking...Rich ,seriously, a freaking lunch bag? Yeah, actually, a lunch bag. Why? Because it's a lunch bag by Yeti. If you know anything about Yeti and you've ever had any of their products, you know they're legit. You know they're gonna keep your stuff as cold as you possibly want it for as long as you possibly want it. Just like my Yeti 65 here that I'm sitting on. It keeps my beers cold for four or five, maybe even six days at a time.

Yeti Day Trip Lunch Bag

Anyway, my first impression is the durability of it. The feel of it, it's just rugged. It kind of feels like you could toss it around, throw it around a worksite. You know, rub it on some concrete and it would still look as good as new. Second thing I really like about it is this clasp here that kind of slides in these little little rungs on the side. When you open it up and it's full height it's about 8 and 3/4 by 13 3/4 I think 5 and 3/4 across the bottom. It's pretty deep, actually, take a look.

Yeti Day Trip lunch bag

So I'm thinking you could probably fit a soda, some chips, a sub...and remember this isn't really your brown bag lunch, this is gonna keep your that soda and those chips as cold as they were when you put them in there when you go to grab it for lunch.

Another cool feature about this if that breaks down so when you want to carry it
after after you've eaten your lunch. It breaks out into this night little foldable package so you can throw your bag and it won't take up a ton of room. I also like the handle on the top too so as you're carrying it you know it's kind of like a traditional lunch pail but in bag form.

Yeti Day Trip Lunch bag

The best thing that I heard about this is that there's the potential that you can hold at least a six-pack of beer in this Day Trip. So if you're into liquid lunches, this might be the way to go. Let's give it a try. I'll grab some of my Oberon, one of my
favorite beers on the planet by Bell's Brewing. Yup, slide it in on the top here...Boom!

Yeti Day Trip Lunch Bag

So now that has a six pack in it, that makes this even more perfect. You know
we're All About Apres. We're all about celebrating the good life, so we can pack
our beers in our little Day Trip here. Go to the beach. Go for a hike. Throw it in
our backpack if we're going biking. When we're done and hanging out with our friends in the parking lot chilling out, whip out our beers and crack them open.

So anyway, my initial impression is I'm really digging the Yeti Day Trip. It's got great size. Its durability is there and you know because it's from Yeti it's gonna keep your stuff super cold for as long as you're gonna need it. This isn't your brown bag, this is a real Yeti lunchbox. This is the one you're gonna want to get when you're working on the job or if you're hanging at the beach or just looking to chill with some beers afterward or after you go mountain biking. Anyway that's all, remember it's all downhill from here folks. Check you on the next episode.


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