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The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Après ski Gift

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The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Après ski Gift

How a Smart ForTwo Actually Works for Your Trips to the Mountains This Winter. 

I know what you are thinking, "Rich, a Smart ForTwo on a ski trip? You've had too many of those après ski beers that you talk so highly about." You wouldn't be wrong about the latter, but hear me out on the Smart ForTwo, I may surprise you. 

Eco-Friendly People in Not So Eco-Friendly Mountain Towns  

People who live in mountain towns are notoriously eco-friendly. They live their entire life trying to reduce their carbon footprint on the Earth by doing, you know, eco-friendly things. However, having done a little research, I came to find out that some of the more popular mountain towns that they live in aren't so environmentally friendly at all. The reasons? Teton Gravity Research cited that the two main culprits for the high pollution levels in mountain towns are housing and transportation. 

SUV's Dominate Ski Resort Parking Lots

Coming from the New York City area where the sky, particularly as you draw closer to the city, is filled with a haze of smog, I was pretty shocked to find out how polluted some mountain towns really are. After all, whenever I drive to Vermont to ski, I see nothing but clear skies and stars. Oh, and SUV's...lots and lots of SUV's, loaded with ski equipment. It makes total sense, skiing and riding comes with a lot of gear and SUV's are big enough to transport your gear and still drive in comfort to the mountain. However, these same SUV's are, generally speaking, not the best for the environment. I know that the pollution issue that persists in these mountain towns is much deeper than this, however my brilliant revelation may have a little something to do with it.

Smart For Two an Environmentally Friendly Driving Option For Ski Towns

Enter the Smart ForTwo which the EPA ranks as the most efficient two-seater currently on the market. That makes it an a very clean option for you as your transportation to and from the mountain this winter and a potentially great gift this holiday season for a loved one. The Smart ForTwo doesn't exactly scream extra space, so what are you going to do with all that gear? As I looked around on the old Google, I was surprised to find quite a variety of options for  ski and snowboard racks for the Smart ForTwo, making this car, not only, environmentally friendly but fully capable of hauling your skis, boards and whatever else you carry. So go ahead and do your part in saving Mother Earth, give the gift of reduced emissions this holiday season and help your favorite ski towns become more environmentally friendly. Head out to your local Smart ForTwo dealer and grab one of the Smart ForTwo options below. 

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