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The Mountainsmith Cooloir is Made for Your Adventures

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The Mountainsmith Cooloir is Made for Your Adventures

Choosing the right cooler can be tricky.

You're probably thinking, "Rich it's a cooler just get the one at Costco and move on."

I get what you're saying. I really do, but with so many coolers hitting the market in a variety shapes and sizes, sometimes it's just not that simple. I mean, you don't want to go an pick up a cooler the size of a coffin to take hiking, do you? You can barely get one of those off your patio, let alone out of your car. You need something much easier to tote around than that. At the same time, the cooler needs to be durable enough to stand up to a whatever savage beast may get a hold of it while it is keeping your beers frosty cold for the day. Basically, what you need is the new Cooloir by Mountainsmith.

A Cooler That is Rugged, Well Insulated and Portable

The Cooloir is, hands down, one of the toughest portable coolers on the market thanks to its soft, yet rugged exterior design and hard interior cooler box. When I took the Cooloir out of its packaging, the first thing that grabbed my attention was the feel of the exterior. You could immediately tell that this was not your average soft cooler. Made with a resilient material and seam sealed for water proofing, this cooler looked nothing short of industrial strength. When it comes to the Cooloir's insulation, the double-walled exterior is only the tip of the iceberg. The interior cooler box helps maintain its shape while adding even more necessary insulation. And, since it is removable it made it quite easy for me to clean and dry, a true bonus feature since coolers can be a real pain in the butt to clean sometimes.

Enough Room For a Case, and You Can Open Them

Badass as the construction of the Cooloir may be, it is also deceptively large for a portable cooler and ideal for carrying more beers to elevate your après adventure. 24 cans to be precise. Because, who doesn't need an entire case of cold ones when you are out there putting in work to earn them? It might be a few less if bottles are your preference but at least you'll be able to open them since the Cooloir is equipped with a heavy duty opener on the outside. So load this bad boy up and strap it over your shoulder for your next outdoor undertaking and be sure to slap one of our new stickers on its side, since The Mountainsmith Cooloir has our All About Après stamp of approval. 


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