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The Art of Rocking a One Piece Ski Suit

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The Art of Rocking a One Piece Ski Suit

Your Après Ski will never be the same. 


The Art of Rocking a One Piece Ski Suit Video Highlights

00:10 Rich from All About Apres kicks it off
00:14 Introduction of Steve
00:25 Steve describes the onesie
00:55 Steve describes the technical features
1:20 How to go to the bathroom in a one piece
1:45 talking tipsy elves
2:00 Back to the Future reference
2:30 Is Steve a Youtuber?
2:50 Rich signs off
2:55 skiing and riding footage in the onesie

Download the pdf: The Art of Rocking a One Piece Ski Suit

The Art of Rocking a One Piece Ski Suit Video Transcript

Rich: What’s up this is Rich from All About Apres. I’m sitting here with Steve. I found this guy. He’s wearing a onesie from the 80’s and I figured it would be a good opportunity to find out why.

Steve: So Steve, tell me a little bit about this onesie you’ve got rockin here. It’s pretty bright.

Steve: Well thank you. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Rich: Absolutely.

Steve: You know, some people question the onesie and to them I say, “Have you tried it?”

Rich: No.

Steve: Once you try it, you never want to go back. And, it’s not even about…

Rich: There’s so many ways that I can go with that, by the way.

Steve: It’s true, it’s true. It’s not even about the look man. It’s about the performance.

Rich: Is it technically sound?

Steve: It’s pretty technically sound. It’s got a lot of strong technical features. It has some thigh zips for ventilation.

Rich: You need thigh zips for ventilation.

Steve: Also pit zips. Also people ask how I go to the bathroom.

Rich: How do you go to the bathroom?

Steve: Okay, so, I haven’t gone number two just yet.

Rich: Ooooh. You’ve got to save the deuce?

Steve: That’s a question that has yet to be answered. But, number one, the zipper goes  pretty far down.

Rich: Oh, that’s good. Yeah, and for someone that is as well endowed as you, you just flip it over the top.

Steve: Pretty much.

Rich: Good. Good.

Steve: It’s almost like a, like a pole vault.

Rich: (laughing) Right, right, a pole vault. Now is this from the 80’s or is this something relatively new that is a throwback?

Steve: You know, it’s hard to say. It’s really hard to say because what happened was, my good friends at The Tipsy Elves.

Rich: Ahhhh Tipsy Elves.

Steve: They reached out to me and said they found it in 1985.

Rich: Now do you think they took a Delorian back and got it?

Steve: I’m guessing that is probably what they did.

Rich: Flux capacitor and all.

Steve: I’m thinking that there was a flux capacitor.

Rich: Banana peel

Steve: 1.21 gigawatz

Rich: Yeah, they were trying to get the plutonium from what, the Iranians or the Libyans?

Steve: The Libyans.

Rich: Right, the Libyans.

Steve: And, they came across this number.

Rich: I know that I’m happy they did and I know you’re happy they did. And, I’m pretty sure that the rest of this mountain is happy they did.

Steve: Yeah, so far the feedback has been pretty good.

Rich: Is it true that a young kid asked you if you were are youtuber?

Steve: I was asked if I was a youtuber.

Rich: Are you?

Steve: Well...I feel like I should be now.

Rich: The good thing is that this is probably going on Youtube.

Steve: Perfect.

Rich: By the end of the day, you will be.

Steve: I’m a future Youtuber.

Rich: Alright good. So there you have it people, once you go Onesie, you never go back. This is Rich signing off. Remember, it’s all downhill from here.

The Art of Rocking a One Piece Ski Suit



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