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Can't Miss Sunglasses For The Active Lifestyle

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Can't Miss Sunglasses For The Active Lifestyle

All About Après Approved: Costa Sunglasses

I'm kind of a sunglass whore. Not that I need a pair of sunglasses for every day of the month but it doesn't hurt, right? I mean you never know what type of situation will arise and you might need your aviators over your wraps. That being said, for as many sunglasses as I may have, there is always a pair that becomes my go to. Since I am always on the run during the summer months, from workouts to the beach to après surf on a dock somewhere, I need a pair of sunglasses that can handle any activity my life throws at them. That pair, of late, has been my Corbina sunglasses by Costa. They provide top notch protection and are super durable. Not to mention, they also happen to be a stylish après ski and après surf accessory, necessary for consuming ample brews from decks everywhere. 

Sunglasses Durable Enough for Any Hardcore Adventurer

Costa Corbina Sunglasses

Costa sunglasses may have been designed for those who live on the water, however they are durable enough to for any hardcore adventure you take them on. Their 580 lenses are as tough as you'll find on the market thanks to their multi-layered, scratch resistant design. So feel free to wear them while fishing out on the ocean or hiking in the mountains. Salt, sand and dust can easily be wiped off without any worry of scratching them up. Costa's lense durability is only the tip of the iceberg, they also provide you with unrivaled clarity and protection for your eyes. Originally designed for long days fishing out on the ocean, the lenses block out the sun's rays as well as the reflection you would normally get off the water. This results in 100% UV protection and colors that pop in a way that you wouldn't normally get with other sunglasses. 

Amazing lenses aside, one of the features that I truly appreciate is the hydrolight rubber that is on the temples and arms of the glasses. As someone who is always on the go, this ensures the glasses don't slip from my face whether they are wet from the ocean or even sweating from an outdoor activity like biking. Beyond that, the components are stainless steal and can really stand up to any harsh environment that you wear them in. 

 Costa Corbina Sunglasses

Work Hard Play Hard With Costa Sunglasses

Costa sunglasses are crafted for those with a passion for being active. Whether you are on the ocean, at the beach or in the mountains, if you like to work hard and play hard we highly recommend you purchase your own pair of Costa's. They'll be sure to get you through all that life throws at you. 

Improve your après ski and après surf clothes this Labor Day weekend by rocking your Costa Corbina sunglasses with our Distressed American Flag Après Ski T-shirt. Soft, stylish and totally American, it's the perfect compliment for all your Labor Day or any day activities. 


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